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Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 |Nepal festival songs

Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 |Nepal festival songs. Nepal festival Dashain 2077 is very near. Dashain is one of the largest and biggest festivals in Nepal celebrated by the Hindus. All the offices, schools, government officials get a long holiday during this Dashain festival festival

best 6 dashain songs 2077 nepal
best 6 dashain songs 2077 nepal

About Dashain festival

Dashain festival is a Hindu festival in Nepal which is for two weeks There is the worshipping of the goddess Durga which is regarded as the Universal Mother Goddess. The Goddess Durga is created out of the energy of all the gods which is armed with weapons from each of them. The Druga goddess is also called as mother of shakti or energy.

This great Dashain festival of Nepal the real-time for family reunions, exchange of gifts and blessings, and perform pujas. Dashain honors the


Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077

We have here collected Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 from Nepal. They are best rated according to the popularity in the youtube view. These all Dashain songs 2077 are as follows.

1. Dashain Aayo |New Dashain Song 2077

This is a new Dashain song 2077 or New Dashain Song 2077 “Dashain Aayo”  . This song is by singer tilak basnet, Kaita Khatri while the lyric is by Shamir Prakash Panday .

The song casts jibes gurung, chiranjibi sapkota, gita dhungana and rubisha Shrestha.

Dashain Aayo |New Dashain Song video

2. lyang phyang  |dashain Tihar songs 2020

Dashain songs 2020 titled as “lyang phyang lyang phyang Dashain” is  New Nepali Dashain Song 2020 or Nepali Dashain song 2077 is By Arjun Sapkota & Sukadev Adhikari. This is not only Dashain song it also both Dashain Tihar song

This new Dashain song 2077 is Featuring Bimal Adhikari, Susmita Thapa, Kaji Sundas, Krishna Sapkota, Yagya Sapkota, Ishwor Bhandari & Amrit Osti

lyang phyang | Dashain songs Video

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3. Dashain Tihar Ayo | Dashain Tihar song

This is “Dashain Tihar Ayo” is  Dashain Tihar song bye Durga Lamichhane & Aasha BC. This new Dashain song 2020 is one of the popular and best Nepali songs whose Lyrics is also by  Durga Lamichhane

Dashain Tihar Ayo | Dashain Tihar song video

4. Gau Besi |Dashin Tihar songs 2077

One of the best Dashain Tihar songs on youtube is “Gau Besi”. This  Gaun Beshi is by Nepal’s one of the popular singers Bishnu Majhi & Rishi Khadka. The song  lyrics are by  Sunil Lamichhane

Gau Besi |Dashin Tihar songs Video

5. Jamara nachare | new Dashain Tihar song 2077

This new Nepali Dashain Song 2077 titled ” Jamara Nachhare” is by Bishnu Majhi & Tejash Regmi. In this Nepali dashain song 2020 video featured with Sarika Kc & Samundra Paudel

Jamara nachare | new Dashain tihar song 2077 video

6. Tarabaji lai chori | Dashain song 2077| Pashupati Sharma

“Tarabaji lai chori”  is one of the most popular Nepali Dashain Song 2077/2020. This Tarabaji Lai Chhori song is by Pashupati Sharma, Shanti Shree Pariyar & Aayusha Gautam. The video is  Featuring Ranjita Gautam.

Pashupati Sharma’s tarabaji lai chori Nepali Dashain song video


Hope you like the Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 mentioned above. Give your valuable suggestion and comments in below comment box .  We will keep on present and share nepal festival songs



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