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100 Secondary Schools in Nepal Around Bhaktapur

There are more than 100 Secondary Schools in Nepal in the Bhaktapur. They are one of the best schools not only in Bhaktapur. They are listed best all over Nepal as well. Here we have listed the best 100 secondary schools in Bhaktapur

100 Secondary Schools in Nepal Around Bhaktapur
100 Secondary Schools in Nepal Around Bhaktapur

The education system in the  schools in Nepal

The Education system in Nepal is of different modality. In general, the types of schools in Nepal contain major four types. The recent school modality in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Primary education,
  2. Middle educations,
  3. secondary education and
  4. Higher education

Primary Education

This education system is from grade one to five. It is 5 years of primary schooling for the children. some of the schoolings have pre-primary preparations as well.

Middle Education

Middle-level school education is soon after completing primary-level schooling. It includes from grade 6 to 8.

District level examination is conducted by the respective district in the school and certificated are provided after passing the district level examination.

It includes three years of study for the students. Students can go to some other technical training or schooling after this grade too.

Secondary Education

The Next is secondary educations which is from grades 9 and 10 in Nepal schools.  Grades 9 to 10 follow a common academic curriculum leading to a school leaving certificate. Now a day it’s called SEE.

Higher education

After secondary education, the next one is higher education in Nepal schools. It is grade 11 to 12 with separate streams. The streams are commerce, education, humanities, or science, and to receive a higher education certificate.

Below is the grading of different level of schooling where secondary education is also mentioned

Education School/Level Grades Age Years
Primary Education Primary 1–5 6–11 5
Middle Education Upper Primary 6–8 12–14 3
Secondary Education Secondary 9–10 15–16 2
Higher Education Higher Level 11-12 16+ 2

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Schools in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one of the educations hubs for schooling-level students. There has been a marked improvement in the education level of the Bhaktapur districts among Nepal schools.

Well-equipped schools, accessible educational institutes, qualified teachers have made Bhaktapur a good educational district all over Nepal. There have been lots of quality schools around the Bhaktapur district. They have been providing a good education all around. Here is the list of the secondary schools in Bhaktapur.

There are more than 100 secondary educations in Bhaktapur most are listed here

List of Best Secondary Schools in Bhaktapur

Among the best schools in Nepal, Bhaktapur schools are also regarded as the best schools for the study.

  1. Adarsha Janapremi Higher Secondary School
  2. Adarsha ajad shool, bhatkapur
  3. Araniko Higher Secondary School, Dadhikot
  4. Arniko Secondary School, Bhaktapur
  5. Bagishwori Higher Secondary School, chayamsing
  6. Bal Vikas English School, Libali, Bhaktapur–02
  7. Balbalika Ma. Vi, Bhaktapur
  8. Basu Higher Secondary School, Byasi Bhaktapur
  9. NIST Bhatkapur, lokanthali Bhaktapur
  10. Bimal Memorial Vidhyapeeth-Suryabinayak-10
  11. Birendra Sainik MahaVidyalaya, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
  12. Buddhodaya School Dadhikot
  13. Candid International English School, Sirutar, Bhaktapur
  14. Chanakya School Naya Thimi
  15. Charkhandi Vidya Mandir (CVM) Secondary Boarding School, Gatthaghar
  16. Demos English School
  17. DENS SCHOOL Balkot thimi nayabasti
  18. East Point Academy, Kamalbinayak
  19. Easypoint academy bhatkepati Bhaktapur
  20. EDEN GRARDEN School balkot
  21. Emmanual School bhatkapur
  22. Erudite academy Lokanthali Bhaktapur
  23. Everest English School, Mibakchhen Bhaktapur
  24. Ganesh Boarding School, changunarayan
  25. Ganesh Secondary School, Bharwacho, Bhaktapur-17
  26. Genuine Secondary School, kamalbinayak
  27. Glad Stone Academy, Mill Road Bhaktapur
  28. Glory English Secondary School, Nikosera, Bhaktapur.
  29. Golden Gate English Secondary School, Mahakalisthan, Bhaktapur-5
  30. Gundu English Secondary School, Suryavinayak, Bhaktapur
  31. Gyan Tara English School, Degamana, Bhaktapur-16
  32. Gyan Vijay Pre-secondary School
  33. Gyan Vijay Pre-secondary School
  34. Himal Academy
  35. Himalayan Glory English School, Sahidsmriti Khel Maidan
  36. Jaycees secondary School, Byasi
  37. Jyoti English Secondary School – Suryavinayak, Bhaktapur
  38. Kalika English School, Kamalbinayak
  39. Kathmandu World School
  40. Khwopring English Academy Libali, Bhaktapur–2
  41. Learners Academy, Gapali, Bhaktapur-14
  42. Lisha English School
  43. Little World English School Bhaktapur -1,Dudhpati
  44. Mahendra shanti secondary Schools
  45. Mahendra Vidya Ashram (MVA), Bhaktapur -16
  46. Manakamana English secondary school ,kamalbinayak Bhaktapur
  47. Marigold English Boarding School – Balkot-2, Bhaktapur
  48. Matribhumi School, Sanothimi – Bhaktapur
  49. Merigold School Balkot bhatkapur
  50. Minerva English School, rammadir
  51. Mission international Academy, Suravinayak
  52. Modern B. H. Secondary Schoo Sankhadhar Chowk, Madhyapur Thimi
  53. Motherland school Bhaktapur
  54. Mount Everest higher Secondary School, suryabinayak
  55. Mount Sinai English Boarding School
  56. Mount Valley English School, Kwathandou-4, Bhaktapur
  57. Mount View English Boarding School – Anantalingeshwor Municipality-3, Balkot,
  58. Naulo Jyoti English school, thimi bhaktapur
  59. Nawaratna English Secondary School
  60. Nayatapola boarding school, Kamalabinay
  61. New Model Janta School Balkot
  62. Nobel School Ballot
  63. Om Gyan Mandir Secondary School, Bhaktapur-16
  64. Om Secondary School, Thimi
  65. Om Stayashai school Balkot
  66. Orbit English School
  67. Oxford practical school, Sallaghari
  68. Paragon Academy Secondary Boarding School, kamalbinayak
  69. Prabhat Higher Secondary School, Byasi, Bhaktapur-10
  70. Precious Public School balkot Bhaktapur
  71. Proxima International School, Bhelukhel
  72. Rajshri gurukul, sallaghari bhaktapur
  73. Rhombus School bhaktapur
  74. Sacred heart academy
  75. samaj sudhar school
  76. Saraswoti secondary school
  77. Shankar National Eng.Secondary School Dadhikot Suryabinayak 4
  78. Shree Krishna secondary English school kharipati Bhaktapur
  79. Shanti Niketan boarding school bhaktapur
  80. Shanti Niketan ma vi , ram mandir
  81. Siddhartha Vidyapeeth, Gathhaghar
  82. Sirutar English secondary school, sirutar
  83. Sooryodaya secondary school;khanchha
  84. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
  85. Springdale Higher Secondary School, Suryabinayak
  86. Sri Padma Higher Secondary School
  87. Students’ Academy
  88. Sunshine School, Dudhpati, Bhaktapur–17
  89. Sunshine Secondary School, Thimi
  90. Suryabinayak English School
  91. Suryadeep English Secondary School, Suwarnachok, Sallaghari
  92. Tara Secondary School, Ram Mandir Bhaktapur-12
  93. The Rising English Secondary School, Thalcchen Bhaktapur
  94. Unique International Academy katunje Bhaktapur
  95. Unity English secondary school .katunje Bhaktapur
  96. Vedic School Balkot bhaktapur
  97. Vidhya Arjan School, adharsha, Bhaktapur
  98. Vidhya Vikash English Secondary School, Jagati
  99. Wise Land Secondary English Boarding School, Jagati-7, Bhaktapur
  100. Zenith academy school gatthaghar


Above are the 100 best schools in Nepal around the Bhaktapur. They are listed for your reference.




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