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11 Ways of Link Building for SEO You Should Avoid

Link Building for SEO is one of the top strategies for gaining exposure online for your site. SEO is the search engine optimization of your post on your website. This link-building technique is also considered as one of the online marketing strategies to get traffic to your site in today’s world.

Link Building in SEO is simply the way of building the links in your website content which is also called Backlinking. . You can do backlinking in two ways.  One is the internal backlinking technique and the next is an external backlinking technique

Internal backing in SEO or internal backlinking is linking the owns website content link in

There have been lots of link-building techniques and ways to do. Lots of myths about link building are there which should be known. also, Forums for SEO Geek can also be found useful if you are building a link These are the methods of Link Building for SEO you should avoid in order to keep you good in SERP.

Ways of Link Building for SEO You Should Avoid
Ways of Link Building for SEO You Should Avoid

1. Don’t Purchase Links

If you are doing the buying or selling the links, they are very risky and google can easily Google detect them. Link Building for SEO is automatically done with quality links and quality content.

You can buy the links for the high da but when you are doing this then the post cannot be relevant and google can detect it and can be penalized forever. So, it is highly not recommended that you should not take a higher risk which can ruin you forever. This is not good practice for SEO link building.

2. Doing unhealthy Link Exchanges/Reciprocal Links

Now a day’s link exchanging is being done to make increment of DA PA of site. There are lots of link-building sites.  But the concept of exchange backlink or placing the reciprocal link is not so much of value in Google’s eyes now a day.

You can do the link exchange to increase the DA and PA of your website by exchanging links. You should be well oriented that while doing the link exchange you should be aware of non quality links.

Links or websites with low DA PA and spam sites are dangerous to your site. If it is linked over these types of sites then you will be also regarded as spam and you can be deindexed by search engines and this is proved as bad link building for SEO.

3. Avoid Low-Quality Directory Links

Directory links are still a good strategy for making good SEOs today. Lots and lots of free and paid directory services you can find over the internet. MOZ, octopedia, worldsiteindex is the most popular directory websites.

You need to be selective for the particular directory listing. It would be wise to stick with relevant directories for your site. Regular putting the site links or post links over your website is not good practice for the SEO link building

4.  Link Spamming

If you are creating links only for the purpose of a link only, then it is also considered spam. Matt Cutts who’s the head of Google has recently spoken that avoiding spam penalties when blog commenting and he suggested that it is best to have a diverse backlink profile when doing it

When there are lots of backlinks from blog comments then it will be a sort of red flag to Google. So, keep in mind that you should leave comments on those sites which are relevant to your industry or your niche.

5.  Avoid linking Press Releases

The free press release submission sites are not entertained by Google these days. Every time google’s indexing strategy is changing. Such types of sites don’t have any editorial and their own guidelines. As a result, they are regarded as low-quality Link building for SEO.

6.  Don’t link Low DA Site

DA is defined as the domain authority of the site by MOZ.  DA is ranked according to the content and quality of it on your site. It is ranked from 1 to 100. The more DA more traffic on your site and the more quality content of your site. So whenever you do link exchange then it would be wise not to do with a low DA site. Lots of spammy sites are also low DA sites.

7.  Low-quality content pages

Low-quality content pages are those pages with low SEO. Low-quality content pages are the pages with bad on-page site contenst. For the good quality content pages, the post should have good keywords placements, contents should be properly managed with the heading, internal and external links within content, more than 800 plus word content articles are some of the qualities of good quality content pages.

Especially low-quality content like notices, advertisements which are not good to be linked. So avoid linking low-quality content sites.

8. Avoid automatic Linking software

In the market, there are lots of link-building software. This software builds the links automatically but it is considered not good to do. Whenever you do the automatic linking apps or software, your sites might be penalized with such techniques. Google and other search engines are very smart enough to detect these types of methods. They have stronger algorithms to do so.

You might have good links coming from these types of methods but automatic link building can be detected by the search engines. This results in the penalization by them. Google is very smart to recognize this.


9. Avoid link with the content with many links

Whenever you are linking then better avoid the linking on those post which has lots of backlinks. For the post with less content, there should be only one link. If you have less content and linking is more then it’s not regarded as good practice.

So, if you are writing a guest post then better put only one backlink in the 700 words content and if the content is more than 1200 words then only 2 links will be good for the SEO.

10. Avoid link in Penalized Sites

You may find there are lots of sites that are being penalized due to unhealthy link building and unhealthy SEO. These sites might have good DA and PA but if they are penalized then it would be better not to link them.

If they are linked, then it would be wise to remove them. If you don’t do this, then your site rank will be also lowered which hampers your site rankings

11. Avoid Unnatural Linking

The links you are doing should be natural. If it is natural, then they will surely help your SEO. Unnatural linking of the links with multiple numbers can be bad for your site ranking.

The backlink site link should healthy, high quality, and natural. The links with this quality are good for your site. For  LInk building for SEO, you should always avoid unnatural linking.


Linking the site is one of the important things to rank your website for the good traffic in your site however you should be aware of how to build up the backlinks.

Always avoid above mentioned link building for SEO practice for the betterment of yourself.





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