3 mins read

Why is My Snapchat AI Not Working?

The “My AI chatbot in Snapchat” is a new feature that helps users to chat with an assistant. It helps the user by giving a different variety of tasks which includes setting reminders and finding information. There are some reasons why your AI bot is not working. You should read the entire blog to know […]

5 mins read

Why Is an Incident Response Plan Important For Organizations?

Organizations usually favor proactive cybersecurity approaches as they help them prevent attacks in the first place. It is more than effective; however, the authorities cannot root out the possibility of facing an actual attack. Having an effective response plan to deal with such a situation smoothly is critical. An incident response plan provides a detailed […]

9 mins read

Software Development KPIs: How To Measure Your Team’s Efficiency 

Between 2021 and 2031, there will be a remarkable 25% increase in the jobs available for software developers, testers, and quality assurance analysts. This growth rate is much higher than the average expansion expected for all professions. Isn’t it thrilling?  However, with great opportunities comes a greater level of responsibility. As the demand for software […]