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7 Best Nepali Songs Lyrics of Mongolian Hearts

Best Nepali Songs Lyrics are the popular Nepali music songs. Mongolian Hearts Nepal music band is one of among them. Let know their Nepali songs lyrics which are always evergreen  Nepali music band. First of all, let me know about this band and band members before going for Nepali Songs Lyrics of them. What is […]

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1974 AD Best Nepali Songs & Nepali Song Chords

Best Nepali Songs and Nepali Song Chords of 1974 A.D are popular among the Nepali music-loving community. 1974 A.D which is one of the oldest music bands in Nepal always gives Best Nepali Songs all the time.  Let’s explore 1974 AD Popular songs and Best Nepali songs chords of it. Who are 1974 AD? 1974 […]

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Basanta Lyrics and Basanta Song by Jpt Rockerz |Nepali song

Basanta Lyrics and Basanta Song by Jpt Rockerz is an upbeat and catchy Nepali song that celebrates the arrival of the spring season. Basanta  Nepali song is one of the most romantic  Nepali songs. It is an evergreen Nepali song which is performed by Jpt Rockerz band of Nepal.  The song Timro Oth Lai Choyera or […]

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50 Best Nepali Ringtones Free Downloads

Download Nepali Ringtone freely for your mobile phone. Have 50 Best Nepali Ringtones Free Downloads for you. Either you have an android phone or iPhone you will have only the default smartphone ringtone only. Free ringtone for the iPhone can be also downloaded if you are using the iPhone. In the same way, free ringtone […]