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Deusi Bhailo songs for Tihar | Tihar songs Lyrics

Deusi Bhailo songs for Tihar | Tihar songs Lyrics

Deusi Bhailo songs are traditional Nepali songs that are being sung during the festival of Tihar. Tihar is one of the second biggest festivals in Nepal. This festival is also called a festival of lights.

Not only in Nepal, but this Tihar festival is also celebrated all over the world where Nepali people are living like Darjeeling hills, Sikkim, Assam, and some parts of India

Along with the children, all aged people in Nepal celebrate the festival and sing these songs and dance by going to the community houses and collect money and blessings.

Bhaili songs are generally sung by females during the festival while deusi is by both males and female .


Deusi Bhailo songs for Tihar | tihar songs Lyrics

These are some of the collected best deusi bhailo songs as top recents Nepali festival songs sung during the festival. You can enjoy these best tihar videos as  desusi bhailo songs

New Deusi Bhailo songs are being released every year on the youtube and else. Here are some of the best deusi bhailo songs for you

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New deusi Bhailo songs 2077 by pashupati sharma

Deusi songs Lyrics and Bhaili Songs Lyrics

here are Desusi songs lyrics for singing during the festival in Nepal.These desui songs lyrics and bhaili songs lyrics are useful for you to be sung during the festival time. These lyrics are in the Nepali script.

Deusi songs Lyrics

ध्यौसुरे गीत ( Deusi Song in Nepali)
आहै ! भन मेरा भाइ हो – ध्यौसुरे  
आहै ! राम्ररी भन – ध्यौसुरे
श्वोर मिलाईकन – ध्यौसुरे
भन न भन – ध्यौसुरे
हे ! राम्ररी भन – ध्यौसुरे
हे !मेरा भाइ हो – ध्यौसुरे
औसीको रातमा – ध्यौसुरे
४ भाइ साथमा – ध्यौसुरे
आकाशका तारा – ध्यौसुरे
झिलिमिली सारा – ध्यौसुरे
हे !रातो माटो – ध्यौसुरे 
चिप्लो बाटो – ध्यौसुरे 
लड्दै पड्दै – ध्यौसुरे
हे !आएका हामि – ध्यौसुरे
ए ! ध्यौसी खेल्न – ध्यौसुरे
ए !भन न भन – ध्यौसुरे
मेरा भाइ हो – ध्यौसुरे     
राम्ररी भन – ध्यौसुरे
श्वोर मिलाईकन – ध्यौसुरे
यो  घर कत्रो – ध्यौसुरे
सिंह दरबार जत्रो – ध्यौसुरे
दिन्छन दिन्छन – ध्यौसुरे
दिनै आँटे – ध्यौसुरे
गाऊ भाइ हो – ध्यौसुरे
मै मागी दिउला – ध्यौसुरे
आकाशका तारा – ध्यौसुरे 
सेल खाने दारा – ध्यौसुरे 
हे !आखाम बाखम – ध्यौसुरे 
सेलापुरी चाखम – ध्यौसुरे 
ए !भन न भन – ध्यौसुरे 
ध्युसेरे भन  – ध्यौसुरे 

Bhaili Songs Lyrics

भैली गीत ( Bhaili song lyrics in Nepali)
भैलिनी आईन आगन
गुनिया चोलो मागन
हे ! औसी को बारो
गाई तिहारो भैलो
हरियो  गोबर  ले  लिपेको
लक्ष्मी  पूजा  गरेको
हे !औंसी  को  बारो
गाई  तिहारो  भैलो

हामी  तेसै  आएनौँ
बलि  राजा  ले  पठाको
हे !औंसी को बारो
गाई  तिहारो  भैलो

Bhailini best tihar songs video

Enjoy the deusi bhailo songs and celebrate . Some are Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 |Nepal festival songs



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