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Biska Jatra is big festival in Bhaktapur Nepal. Watch live from different sources of television here. You can enjoy live festival video from different links

What is Biska Jatra?

Biska Jatra is Bhaktapur’s weeklong festival which is started after a special Tantric ritual in the Bhairab temple in Taumadhi Tole in Bhaktapur. This Biska Jatra(Biska festival ) is celebrated ae the new year eve of the Bikram Sambat calendar, however, it is not related to Bikram Sambat

biska jatra live nepal festival
biska jatra live nepal festival

biska jata live |Nepal tv

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Biska Live |Sarokar TV

Bisaka jatra bhaktapur live video



Biska Jatra Live | From Everest TV

Biska Live video online

Biska Jatra Live  | lyoshing Thanegu Jatra  | 2077-12-31 | From Bhadgaun Television

Biska Jatra Live  | lyoshing Thanegu Jatra  | 2077-12-31 | From Bhaktapurians Page

Biska Jatra video | Talako lyoshing Thanengu video | 2077-12-31

Biska jatra video of moring at talako tole .

Biska Jatra Live Video | Nepal Festival 2077/12/28

Not only in bhaktapur, Biska Jatra is festival of Dhapasi, Madhyapur Thimi and Tokha as well. It is also celebrated in some other more places in Nepal as well.

Biska Jatra Live from Bhadgaun Television | 2077/12/28

Bisket Jatra Live From Bhaktapur Fm

Biska Jatra live from Nepaliko Television

Biska Jatra live from Bhaktapurians

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