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Biska Jatra live |Nepal Festival Live |Nepal TV live 2080 updated

Biska Jatra is big festival in Bhaktapur Nepal. Watch live from different sources of television here. You can enjoy live festival videos from different links with mild information about this biska festival

Biska Jatra Live 2080

बिस्का जात्रा – २०८० प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण, भक्तपुर

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What is Biska Jatra?

Biska Jatra is Bhaktapur’s weeklong festival which is started after a special Tantric ritual in the Bhairab temple in Taumadhi Tole in Bhaktapur. This Biska Jatra(Biska festival ) is celebrated as the New Year’s Eve of the Bikram Sambat calendar, however, it is not related to Bikram Sambat

How Biska Jatra is celebrated in Bhaktapur ?

Biska Jatra is one of Nepal’s most popular festivals with lots of cultural and historical significance. The Jatra was started from the five-storied temple courtyard after worshiping the main deity of Bhairavanath and the main deity of Betal in a three-storied chariot built in pagoda style according to the Tantric method.

The three-story chariot of Bhairavnath built in the local Toumadhi area is celebrated by local people by stretching the ropes placed in front and back of the chariot and pulling the Kwane (lower) area and the Thane (upper) area to celebrate the Jatra.

Locals pull ropes in front of the chariot and try to take it to their villages. By pulling the chariot in this way, wherever the chariot can be taken to the lower or upper tol, that tol is considered victorious.

Chariot pulling is the main attraction of this Jatra. It is a tradition that the first day’s journey ends after the chariot is taken to the local Gahhiti village.

The story behind Biska Jatra and its cultural aspect

On the first day of the Jatra, the Biska Jatra started by pulling the chariots of Bhairavanath and Bhadrakali. According to Vikram Samvat, Biska Jatra, which is held based on the solar month, has been celebrated since Lichchavikal based on the meaning of Bishseet (Naganagin died).

Regarding the historical aspect of the Jatra, the culturalist and historian Purushottam Lochan Shrestha says that in the tamsuk letter of Nepal Samvat 500 found in Thimima, the word Bisik was mentioned as a synonym for Vishwa Ketu.

Biska Jatra Updated Videos 

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