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Oppo f19 pro – The Ultimate Smart Phone at Affordable Price

It’s nothing new for Oppo to venture into the consumer market with affordable smartphones without compromising on their quality. Reasonably-priced oppo mobiles have bombarded the market in recent years and users can rest assured about their features. The F-series particularly keeps on getting upgraded.  One of them is Oppo f19 pro plus. The oppo f19 […]

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Review: Sony Xperia 5 II Smartphone 8GB RAM 128GB Storage 5G

Sony Xperia 5 II Mobile Review of more RAM and More Storage with 5G  Who does not know about Sony? That’s right, you will not find a single person who has never heard about Sony or has never used Sony products. Worldwide the sony products are popular from television to the mobile world.  Regarding mobile […]

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Apple iPhone 13 review : Everything you want to know

Apple iPhone 13 review time before buying you should have Everything you want to know about it. cnet iPhone 13 review has mentioned lots already though let know the detail. The iPhone thirteen (from $799) doesn’t appear very new while you first take a look at it. But whilst you begin the usage of this […]