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Go Pro Hero 8 : A game-changer

A review of go pro hero 8 and all the features it has as compared to its previous siblings, When you think about cameras, the only thing that’s come to your mind is bulky, costly, and fragile.

But Go pro has changed everything. And they’re all new Go pro hero 8 is at a different level in terms of smoothness, clarity, durability, and price in terms of GoPro hero 8 reviews. 

Go Pro Hero 8 A game changer gopro 8 hero camera
Go Pro Hero 8 A game changer gopro 8 hero camera

While you’ll without a doubt find out about the main event highlights like the improved adjustment utilizing GoPro’s new HyperSmooth Boost, the genuine goodness on this camera is, in reality, a portion of the less eye-catching features, for example, having HyperSmooth 2.0 now in each casing rate and goal, or the higher bitrates advertised. Same goes for the Live Burst photograph usefulness that mirrors what you’re utilized to on your telephone today in highlights like ‘Live Photo’.

All new features of Go pro Hero 8

Here is the list of All-new GoPro hero 8 features with the go pro hero specifications that are pointed as below.

  • Included HyperSmooth Boost Extra adjustment with a smidgen of yield
  • Increased focal point quality: GoPro Claims 2x more grounded, and expanded thickness from 1.3mm to 2.0mm
  • Completely upgraded facades, no more case: The case is gone, and the mount is incorporated with the case
  • Hero 8 Battery Design: It is retrogressive good to Hero 5/6/7, and old batteries despite everything work with Hero 8
  • Extendable mount: The mount jumps out of the base, permitting you to both mounts it, yet besides have it level on the table
  • New ‘Mod’ Accessories: Includes spring up screen, light, and shotgun mic (more on this later)
  • Go Pro Hero 8 accessories
    Go Pro Hero 8 accessories

  • Added Linear help to 4K: You would now be able to do both 4K/30 and 4K/60 Linear
  • Added Digital Lenses: Makes it simpler to change between Linear/Wide/SuperView/Narrow from principle screen
  • Added snappy access alternate ways: Can feel free to swipe from corners and redo the capacities.
  • Added Capture Presets: Effectively like catch profiles, where you can alter and make your fast access presets
  • No longer removable focal points: This lessens slimness, yet GoPro says they’ve cooperated PolarPro for ND channels
  • Removed HDMI port: That’s gone so that they can upsell you on the frill
  • Added HyperSmooth 2.0: Basically, HyperSmooth is currently accessible in each mode on the camera (counting 240FPS and 4:3 modes)
  • Livestreaming now bolstered at 1080p: Previously this was 720p
  • Added TimeWarp 2.0: Now naturally changes/decides right chronicle rate
  • Livestreaming to YouTube currently supported: Previously this was just Facebook and RTMP
  • Very somewhat changed picture shading: Barely observable, however, it improves run a smidgen
  • SuperPhoto mode choices: You would now be able to flip freely HDR from SuperPhoto
  • Added Auto-Leveling in App: When you have messed up the film, it’ll naturally fix it
  • Very somewhat changed picture shading: Barely observable, however, it improves run a smidgen
  • Added 100Mbps Bitrate: For 4K and 2.7K modes, you can flip the high bitrate choice to get 100Mbps film
  • New forward-looking mouthpiece: This has been overhauled and repositioned to more readily deal with the wind (my last two watch recordings in the running areas have been shot on this, without individuals knowing)

BASIC CHANGES of Go Pro Hero 8

The most definite change in go pro Hero 8 from the outside is the absence of an edge case. That case recently empowered the Hero arrangement to be mounted to GoPro mounts, yet since mounting bit is incorporated with the camera and flips out.

There is no change in Go pro hero 8 UI’s (not at all like the Hero 6 to Hero 7 bounce), yet has unquestionably made it snappier and quicker to explore the majority of the capacities changing specific settings like in the case of something is vast or straight.

The lens is now twice as sharp as it was before. They did it by increasing its thickness from 1.2mm to 2mm, but far it can be removed.

there’s another speedy access alternate route highlight that you can redo for every mode, which permits you to design every one of four catches in the lower segment of the screen and quickly get to a given capacity. You can pick which work you need for each corner, capabilities incorporate all the accompanying:

  • Slow-Mo
  • Wind
  • Zoom
  • ISO Max
  • ISO Min
  • White Balance
  • Sharpness
  • EV Comp
  • Color
  • Bit Rate
  • Clips (15 or 30-second )
  • Low Light
  • Lens
  • HyperSmooth
  • Shutter
  • Raw Audio

Availability of hyper smooth go pro hero 8 :

Regarding the go pro hero 8 for sale, the availability for hyper smooth GoPro is in following specifications with go pro hero 8 accessories.

  • available in 30/25/24 fps at 4k resolution
  • available in  60/50/30/25/24 fps at 7K (16:9 & 4:3):
  • available at  60/50/30/25/24 fps at 1440p
  • available at  120/100/60/50/30/25/24 at 1080p

 go pro hero 8 camera

GoPro cameras have consistently taken extraordinary pictures and videos. Even with Hero 8, low light is the Achilles Heel of GoPro — the video begins to get sloppy and confusing to see.


The Hero 8 offers a similar camera sensor as the Hero 7 and even the equivalent GP1 processor. Yet, Hero 8 had the option to press some more tech out of it with highlights like Timewarp 2.0 and Hypersmooth 2.0.


So you will get similar pictures and recordings out of the two cameras at a base level. Know the GoPro hero 8 release date and  With the additional innovation in the go pro Hero 8 Black Edition, on the off chance that you have the extra $100, you ought to get the most recent variant.


By and large, the Hero 8 Black Edition is genuinely more slender (yet somewhat taller), the battery compartment of the camera is no longer on the base, and the Hero 8 presently has a worked in mount! No more requirement for additional enclosures on the off chance that you needn’t bother with them!

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Go pro hero 8 is a game-changer in its category. Although there are other action cameras available at a cheaper rate, hero 8 is a well equipped and well-designed action camera. People, despite being its higher price, liked it very much.


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