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All Time Hit Teej Songs 2075 to 2080

With Hit Teej Songs 2075 to 2080, Experience the cultural richness and melodious vibes of Teej celebrations . Enjoy the traditional tunes and heartwarming lyrics that capture the essence of this Nepali festival.

Teej Festival also known as hartalika is the festival celebrated among hindu women and females. This teej festival  celebrattion symbolize the feminine strength, devotion, and the extreme power of unwavering love .

This 3-day teej festival occasion is marked especially by fasting, worshiping,  traditional rituals, and joyous celebrations among married Hindu women.

During the Teej festival, the women sing songs and dance the whole night and day while enjoying the delicious foods. They express and exchange sorrow and happiness during these days. Here we have collected the popular teej songs 2075 to 2080 Bs( Nepali Calender) which are always evergreen and hits


Hit Teej Songs 2075 to 2080

These are the Collections of all-time hit teej songs 2075 to 2080 below. These songs are the teej YouTube songs and videos for you.

Hit Teej Songs 2075 ( TOP Teej Songs)  is a Collection of youtube teej videos that are great and lovely songs from different singers in Nepal. These are the nonstop Teej Dancing songs every people enjoy

Syangja Jane Bataima Tanahun by Pashupati Sharma & Samjhana Bhandari | Nepali Teej Song

Teej ko Rhara aayo bari lai9 Remake)

Aayo Teejako Lahar – Kendra Motion Pictures

 Teej Ko Rhar aayo barilai ( Original from Movie Knayadan )

Teej songs Meaning

Lots of teej songs popular every year .  On the day of teej festival , Women gather in groups to share stories, songs, and  traditional dishes at their home and other.  It is a full time for joyous reunions with family and friends.

all time hit teej songs to
all time hit teej songs to

Hartalika Teej is is from two words: “Teej” and “Hartalika.” “Teej” is the third day of the lunar fortnight, while “Hartalika” is a combination of “Harat” (abduction) and “Aalika” (female friend). The festival commemorates the legendary story of Goddess Parvati’s devotion to Lord Shiva to marry him.

Deusi Bhailo songs for Tihar | Tihar songs Lyrics

Popular New teej songs

Teej songs are a vital part of the traditional Nepali festival known as Teej. These songs are usually dedicated to the celebration of monsoon, love, and marital bliss.

Besides teej songs 2075, more and new teej songs are available now a day. here are some of the best collections of YouTube teej songs for you



Teej songs are an integral part of the Teej festival, celebrated by women in Nepal and some parts of India. These above teejs songs 2075 to 2080 are the all-time popular teej songs for dancing for women celebrating the teej festival during the time.

Deusi Bhailo songs for Tihar | Tihar songs Lyrics


More Teej festival songs are coming this year and will be updated accordingly. you can suggest more in comment as well


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