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Timro Ankha ko Bhaka Ma | Lyrics & Guitar chords by Dr.Dhruba Shrestha

Timro Ankha ko Bhaka Ma is a new Nepali love song released on 2077-5-11( 27th August 2020) recently. This song is a love story song written by Dr. Dhruba Shrestha.

timro ankha ko bhaka ma lyrics a
timro ankha ko bhaka ma lyrics a

Dr. Dhruba and the Song’s Story of Timro Ankha ko Bhaka Ma

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha, the senior pediatrician, and also nutrition expertise is commendably engrossed with artistic skills. Regarding the literature skill, he has been writing poems for a long time. The recently launched new Nepali song ” Timro Ankha ko bhakama ” is written by him a long time ago and now it is converted to video song story.

This song is sole an autobiography where he enchanted his good old sarudays. Saru is his fragrance and its melancholy. It is a true story of two hearts struggling to be together forever. And at the end was able to consummate their love and turn it into a happy ending which is beautifully presented in this video.

All in all, the professional Nepali Singer, Mr. Sanup Paudel has spiced up the flaunting lyrics so energetically in its best classical fusion type.

Timro Aakhako Bhakama Video Song

Timro Aakhako Bhakama | New Nepali Song 2020 | Sanup Paudel | Dr. Dhruba Shrestha, Saru Budhathoki

About the Song Timro Ankha ko Bhaka Ma

Right for this video is provided by Vocal: Sanup Paudel Lyrics: Dr. Dhruba Shrestha Composer: Suman Ranjitkar Arrangement: Bibek Shakya Studio: Bibek Sound Studio, Bhaktapur

Actors on video songs are  Saru Budhathoki/Dr. Dhruba Shrestha

Makeup artist: Anita Gwacha Camera: Jeevan Rijal Editor: Bikash Dahal Director: Jiwan Acharya

Special thanks: Roshan Dhaubhadel, Albert Bajracharya, Anup Chapagain

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Timro Ankha ko Bhaka Ma Lyrics and Guitar chords by Dr. Dhruba Shrestha

Here are the lyrics of the song Timro ankha ko bhakama in English and Nepali both with guitar chords


तिम्रो आँखाको भाकामा 

C                    G      F         G     C

तिम्रो आँखाको भाकामा, म त मस्त हुन्छु सधै

Timro ankha ko bhaka ma , Ma ta masta hunchu sandai

C                   G      F     G    C

हेरिराख मेरी मायालु,तिमीलाई खोज्छु सधै

Herirakha meri mayalu, timilai khojchu sadhai


जीवनमा तिमी बाहेक, अरुकोही आउनेछैन

Jiban ma timi bahek, Aru Kohi aune chaina

Dm             F         G   F   C

सुन्दर फूल टिप्न, कसैले पाउनेछैन

Sundar Phul tipna, Kasaile Paune Chaina


तिम्रो आठको लालीमा, म त डुब्न खोज्छु सधै

Timro  outhko lalima , Ma ta dubna khojchu sandhai


बोलिराख मेरी प्रियसी, सुनिरहन्छु सधै

Boli rakha Meri Priyasi, Sunirahanchu Sandhi


हृदयवाट तिम्रो तस्विर, कसैले मेट्नेछैन

Hyridayabata timro tasbir, Kasaile Metnechaina

संग संगै हिडनलाई कसैले रोक्नेछैन

Sang sangai hidne lai kasaile rokne chaina

तिम्रो अधरको मुस्कानमा, म त लुक्न खोज्छु सधै

Timro adhar ko Muskan ma , Ma ta lukna khojchu sadhai

हाँसीराख मेरी प्रियसी, हेरीरहन्छु सधै

Hasirakha meri priyeshi, Herirahandhu Sandhai


Lastly, we hope Hope for the full success of the song and get more hits. Wishing you good luck on this path.

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