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Basanta Lyrics and Basanta Song by Jpt Rockerz |Nepali song

Basanta Lyrics and Basanta Song by Jpt Rockerz is an upbeat and catchy Nepali song that celebrates the arrival of the spring season.

Basanta  Nepali song is one of the most romantic  Nepali songs. It is an evergreen Nepali song which is performed by Jpt Rockerz band of Nepal.  The song Timro Oth Lai Choyera or Basanta lyrics is beautifully written and composed by Jpt Rockerz.

Explore the lyrics and song of “Basanta” by Jpt Rockerz, a popular Nepali band. Dive into the beautiful music and poetic lyrics of this captivating song.


JPTROCKERZ is a one of the popular Nepali singer band which was formed in 2003. They are a Nepali singer band based in London.  They are still active in giving romantic and lovely Nepali songs and they are being remembered by the popular song Bas

basanta lyrics jpt rockerez
basanta lyrics jpt rockerez



JPT Rockerz is one band in the UK  with five talented members later has 4 members. They came together to form and give good music and entertain the people in the Nepali music industry.

The fame of this band is increased worldwide from the successful Israel tour in 2010 and recognition from newspapers in Nepal as well as the UK.

They have about 500o fans on their Facebook page already and is increasing day by day.  The bands’  frontman Nabin Gurung is one of the dashing and rising stars in the band.

The Members of Jpt Rockerz

These are the member of the band

  • Nabin Gurung – Vocals
  • Bijai – Guitar
  • Ajit – Guitar
  • Prabhash- Drums

Basanta: About The song

Basanta is one of the most popular songs of the band JPT ROCKERZ. It started with ” Timro oth lai choyera” which means “Touching your lips” in English.  Although the song is very short, it is very touching and sweet enough for anyone to fall in love with it.

This song was never released as officially as Nepali songs album but was uploaded on YouTube nine years ago has touched lots of love heart youngster. The singer of the song is the lead vocalist of the band – Nabin Gurung.


Basanta Song  by JPT Rockerz

Here is the Basanta Song by the band from the official Youtube of JPT ROckerz . As said earlier this song was releaded in youtube only. Lets listen live song below

Basanta Lyrics by JPT Rockerz

Basanta lyrics is short and sweet. The song is not so much longer. Here is the lyrics in video and text format you will love to know. They are helpful to sing for you.

Basanta Lyrics in Text Format

[Verse 1]

  • Timro Ooth lai choyera niskida
    Harek  jhuto rangeen sachoo bho
    Timilai angaale yesto lagyo ki
    Mero Sansar timi ho


  • Yadi arko janma hunchha Bhane
    Dohoryaera feri timi sangai bitos
    Muskaanle sajaula timlai
    Pirati bhaaka gungunaudai


  • Banda aakha kaa sapani pani
    Timrai aakriti kori dincha
    Badli rahane yo mausam pani
    Timi chhau saath taa
    Basanta Fulchha

Basanta Lyrics in Nepali

Here is the Basanta song lyrics in the Nepali language. They will be easy to learn for you.

तिम्रो ओठलाई छोएर निस्किदा
हरेक झुटो रङ्गीन साँचो भो
तिमीलाई अंगाली यस्तो लाग्यो कि
मेरो संसार तिमी हो


यदि अर्को जन्म हुन्छ भने
दोहोर्याएर फेरी तिमी सँगै बितोस
मुस्कानले सजौला तिमीलाई
पिरती भाका गुनगुनाउँदै


बन्द आँखाका सपनी पनि
तिम्रै आकृति कोरी दिन्छ
बद्ली रहने यो मौसम पनि
तिमी छौ साथ त
बसन्त फुल्छ


Basanta JPT ROckerz Guitar Lesson and Guitar Chords

This video will teach you about the  Guitar chords lesson of “Basanta” by “JPT Rockerz”.




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