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Social Media Use During Times of Social Distancing

Wondering how you can do the Social Media use During Times of Social Distancing ? No worries. Here are some tips and tricks you should know it.

In the times of COVID 19, when social distancing is a must, the internet is a blessing in disguise. Social media can help in the following ways to help you stay connected.

Post lockdown, the government is busy implementing strict policies to maintain social distancing and you simply do not have a choice but to follow these self-isolation regulations to control the spread of this deadly pandemic.  At the same time, it isn’t easy for you to just sit at home in isolation.

Social Media Use During Times of Social Distancing
Social Media Use During Times of Social Distancing

Why Social Media Use is important in covid ?

Considering that earlier you were super busy meeting usually everyone at work and hanging out with friends and relatives. Now, how to become used to this new normal where the personal meeting and interactions are at premium? In fact, the current circumstances caused by the spread of Coronavirus can be mentally debilitating and draining and may cause anxiety for those who fail to handle it properly.

However, everything is not lost yet as we are lucky to be a part of a generation where technology has become powerful, giving us plentiful opportunities on the online forums for social interactions.

Social media has gradually turned into a huge blessing for all of us to stay connected virtually if not physically. Mental health is important in the times of social distancing, and to keep you healthy from the unexpected side effects of social isolation, here are a few ways in which you can stay safe at home during the Coronavirus pandemic by the Social Media Use .

. If you wish, you’ll still be able to connect fruitfully to your social circle through social media forums and a handful of other options.

Bank on Social Media to Help With Social Distancing

The internet has now virtually become a blessing in disguise in these Coronavirus days where you are left working from home, and are not supposed to leave your house to meet friends and family members.

However, to ensure your mental health and well-being, you must not allow anxiety and depression that is being caused by this social distancing overpower your mind.

But then how to stay sane during social distancing?

Social Media Use is easy. There are these beautiful platforms or tools to connect with your family and friends.

Use Digital Platforms like Google Meet or Zoom to Catch up With Friends & Family Members

Nowadays, every social media website and application offers this feature where you can video chat with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter wherever you are -Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter, or even a new social media app like Connectd, you have the option of video chat.

You can easily participate in a group video chat with more than 2 people on most of the social media platforms out there. It’s understandable that currently you are in quarantine and may be feeling a little restless, but through these innovative applications, you can still stay connected with the people who matter.

Just think of how exciting it can become when you are sharing your morning coffee with a friend over Instagram, Facebook,  or Zoom. Undoubtedly, it will be an instant mood-lifter in times of social isolation especially for those who enjoy interacting with people.

If you care to check the most trending Instagram and Snapchat stories, you will discover that now more people are sharing images of themselves video chatting on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. In fact, Zoom has established itself as one of the best apps that you can use for such purpose.

The interesting part is that it offers a full-featured Basic Plan for unlimited meetings. In case, you are still clueless about how to go about your day or you’re feeling alone at home try some of the tips below. These are some additional activities you can do on your favorite social media or apps like Zoom as Social Media Use importance to connect virtually with your loved ones.

Fix a particular time for all of your friends and family to connect. So, you can opt for a video call to your family at breakfast, while you both are eating breakfast at the same time but in different places. Therefore, despite being physically apart, you will feel connected and happy that you are not alone.

Got good news, an unexpected promotion, a birthday, or even a routine achievement as trivial as nailing an interesting recipe?  Make a video call to your friends while you are still at it, tell them it’s a celebration time, and then organize the impromptu party together virtually through these social media platforms.

Don’t feel like cooking alone, eat alone, or watch your favorite sitcom on TV alone?  What are you waiting for? Go connect virtually with your family and friends and watch the same shows while staying online at the same time, while feeling their presence through your laptop or your phone camera. The entire internet is available to yourself, make the most of it!


Conclusion :

Social Media Use over the pandemic time make you safe from he corona infection. the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram will make you busy and help to stay at home. It boost Mental health as well . Through this you can meet friends online as well. Virtual meet is necessary this time.




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