Most Common Nepal Famous Fruits

Most Common Nepal Famous Fruits are a good source of Nepal’s famous food.  Nepal is a cultural country with lots of diversity in food, culture, dress, and many more. list of most common food Nepal.

Nepal is a land of predominantly agricultural country.  Agriculture is the major lead sector for the national economy and accounts for about 42% of the overall GDP. In Nepal, about 81.1% of the population of about 3.3 million families are engaged in agriculture. Landholding per family of 5-6 members is 6.5 ha in the hills and 1.8 ha in the terai according to the data. Nepal is agriculture-based and lots of Farms can be found. Also, Know about Multilayer farm

The Nepalese hill economy is characterized by typical subsistence agriculture based on cereal crops and is practiced on terraces of often very steep slopes which are subjected to a great loss of topsoil by erosion during heavy rain. Hilly soil is generally acidic in nature and with poor nutrient content, especially nitrogen. These natur of soil in nepal give the best fruits in these regions.

Fruits in Nepal are called “Phalful” in the Nepali language. This small country Nepal produces a variety of fruits. There are four distinct zones in Nepal which make Nepal very rich in cultivated and wild varieties of fruits production or growing.
There are lots of famous fruits in Nepal which are popular national as well as international level. Nowadays organic fruits are being produced over different parts of Nepal. These fruits are considered expensive fruits in Nepal.
They are of high quality and a bit expensive than the usual one. Dragon fruits in Nepal are one of the expensive and most Common Nepal Famous Fruits
You can find seasonal fruits in Nepal too. Citrus fruits are usually found in winter months.The most common fruits are Suntalaa (Mandarin), Hariyo Kaagati (Lime), Kaagati (Lemon), Nibuwaa (Lemon), Bhogate (Pomillo), Mausham (Sweet Orange), Junaar (Junar Orange), Kaalo Jayamir (Rough Lemon), Kathe Jyaamir (Rough Lemon), Keep (Spur Orange), Chaaksi (Sweet Lime), Shanktro (Grapefruit), and Muntalaa (Kumquat).
The different types of fruits in Nepal have wide varieties with lots of importance. Different parts of Nepal have unique fruits. Mangoes fruits are popular in the Terai region while plums are popular in the mountain or pahad region in Nepal.
Nepal features a complex topography with the hills and flatlands. Many fruits in nepal that are grown within the remote areas are hard to move thanks to the shortage of basic transportation.
Moreover, the cultivars of different kinds of deciduous fruit species were introduced into Nepal at different times and for several programs. These were imported mainly from India, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Japan, and USA.
Some of the Most Common Nepal Famous Fruits are listed in this post. The following are fruits in Nepal with Nepali fruit names.

Most Common Nepal Famous Fruits

  1. Aanp – Mango
  2. Ainselu – Raspberry (yellow, red, black)
  3. Alubukhara – Plum
  4. Amala  – Gooseberry
  5. Ambaa  – Guava
  6. Anaar – Pomegranate
  7. Angoor – Grape
  8. Anjir – Fig
  9. Aru – Peach
  10. Bayar – Indian Plum, Chinese Date
  11. Bel – Wood Apple
  12. Bhogate -Pummelo, Pomilo
  13. Bhuin Katahar – Pineapple
  14. Bimiro – Citron
  15. Chaaksi –  Mild Orange
  16. Chutro – Barberry
  17. Chinia Naspaati – Chinese Pear
  18. Daakh – Grape
  19. Daarim – Pomegranate
  20. Haade Bayer – Bead Plum
  21. Haade Okhar – Thick-shell black walnut
  22. Haluaabed – Persimmon
  23. Jaamun – Black Plum, Java Plum
  24. Junaar – Junar Orange
  25. Jyaamir – Lemon (very sour)
  26. Kaathe Jyamir – Rough Lemon – (Citrus jambhiri)
  27. Kaalo Jyamir – Rough Lemon (Chook-amilo Lemon)
  28. Kaagati – Lime – (green)
  29. Kaaphal -Bay-Berry
  30. Kera – Banana
  31. Khajoor – Date
  32. Kharbooza – Musk Melon
  33. Khurpaani – Apricot
  34. Kimbu – Mulberry (black, red)
  35. Lapsi -Nepalese Hog Plum
  36. Lichi – Lichee Fruit
  37. Loquat –Loquats
  38. Maushambi – Orange (sweet)
  39. Mayal – Wild Pear
  40. Muntalaa – Kumquat
  41. Nariwal – Coconut
  42. Nashpaati – Pear
  43. Nibua  – Lemon (yellow)
  44. Paiyun – Cherry
  45. Papitaa or Mewaa – Papaya
  46. Ram Phal – Custard Apple
  47. Rukh Kathar – Jack Fruit
  48. Sati Bayar – Pleasantly sour-sweet fruit (Nepal sumac)
  49. Sariphaa – Custard Apple or Sugar Apple
  50. Shayau – Apple
  51. Suntalaa – Tangerine
  52. Tarbooza – Watermelon
  53. Oleaster – Madilo
  54. Orange –  Suntalaa –
  55.  Malta orange-  Maushambi
  56. Papaya – Papitaa or Mewaa