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Solve NTC ADSL Problem | auto disconnect problem

Why NTC ADSL disconnects automatically? NTC ADSL Problem

Normally, there are some points that decrease smoothness in ADSL connections as NTC ADSL Problem. you need to solve these problems for solving the automatic disconnect problem of your ADSL net.

  • Splitter Connection: If you have connected phone line already before splitter, you may face disconnection in internet from time to time.
  • Modem: If you are using a low-class power adapter of Modem, it may also cause problems in the internet connection.
  • Fluctuation of Voltage: Fluctuation on voltage causes voltage surge (rise in voltage) due to which low-class adapter could not withstand the fluctuation of voltage. This may restart your Modem from time to time. This may cause disconnection on your internet connection.

What is NTC ADSL ?

NTC ADSL is  Nepal Telecom ADSL internet service provided for the home internet in nepal. NTC has given the adsl internet with increased the speed whereas with a minimum price of the unlimited ADSL internet.

Where ADSL Service available?

This NTC ADSL service is available in most PSTN Offices in all over the nepal .  The Broadband service is being provided through the deployment of ADSL 2+ technologies, a type of digital subscriber line (DSL). YOu may get NTC ADSL Problem which can be solved easily with some tips


NTC ADSL Problem in the connection solution

If you are using your ADSL Connection in Routing Mode, Please change your authentication mode to AUTO or PAP in your ADSL router.

ADSL Modem Vendors

ADSL Modem(CPE) Configuration

NTC ADSL Subscription

Monthly and 3-monthly packages are available for subscription.

schemes  available: 5 Mbps

The subscription can be done at Nepal Telecom counters where the ADSL services are available.

The monthly port charge for the subscribed ADSL service shall be included in the regular Telephone Bill.

The subscription charge shall be paid at the time of registration. Recurring usage charges (monthly or 3-monthly) shall be on a prepaid basis.


How to Check  NTC ADSL balance

  1. To know the ADSL volume and expiry,
    • Send message of the format “VL*NTADSL014222222” to 1415.
  2. Check alance in the Ntc ADSL
    •  by sending a message like BL*NTADSL0142222222 to 1415.

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How to check NTC adsl internet speed ?

  • At first, Connect your device with the internet
  • Then Go to the website in Your browser
  • Click on the test tab which is just above the map of your place

This will take some time to get the download/upload speed of your NTC ADSL  internet. 

For getting ADSL packages description, internet package costs of ADSL, please visit the official website of ADSL at NT website The normal home user can pay 900 rupees without taxes for 192 Kbps internet.

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