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Apply For COVID Vaccine in Nepal | Sinopharm Vaccine | Vero cell Vaccine

Apply COVID Vaccine in Nepal is sinopharm vaccine named as Vero cell.  Voluntary application form for the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine for the vaccination can be done online.

Nepal government has been actively providing the free COVID vaccine over all Nepal.  Nepal government has already successfully gave the vaccine as first and second phase of covishield vaccine to the target  population. The AstraZeneca vaccine was firstly given over the public in Nepal.

Nepal had started the vaccination campaign against COVID-19  from Jan. 27  which has been inoculated over  1.7 million people in two phases, according to Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population.

apply for covid vaccine in kathmandu nepal |COVID Vaccine in Nepal
apply for COVID vaccine in Kathmandu Nepal |COVID Vaccine in Nepal

Still there are lots of people who haven’t taken the COVID vaccine. So, recently it has planned to give the corona vaccine in Nepal .

You can fill up the following mentioned vaccine so as to get vaccinated by Nepal government at different nearby vaccine center in Kathmandu Nepal as well are all over parts of Nepal


Required Details to fill the COVID Vaccine Form

Fill in your details and also help others to fill in the form to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic.

You need to fill in this form with your full name, full address, date of birth, occupation, any health problems, physical condition, etc.

COVID vaccines in Nepal

As said earlier Nepal has already given vaccine to the targeted public in first and second phase. Covishield vaccine(AstraZeneca vaccine) from the serum institute India was firstly given among them . Now Nepal government is giving Vero cell vaccine from china. so the COVID vaccine in Nepal given are

  • Covishield vaccine (AstraZeneca vaccine)

  • This vaccine is developed by serum institute of India under astrazeneca .
  • Vero cell Vaccine (sinophram Vaccine)

  • This vaccine is developed by China’s Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co. Ltd. under Sinopharm, for the emergency use in Nepal.

Why to fill COVID Vaccine Form ?

  • These are some consideration that why you need to fill the form for COVID vaccine in Nepal. You need to go through one by one before fill up the forms for the Kathmandu Nepal or if you are any part of Nepal.
  • 1) To get information on which center you want to be vaccinated
  • 2) This is a voluntary, individual application form
  • 3) This form is requested to be filled out by person who are aged 18 years and above who have not yet been vaccinated
  • 4) The details obtained from this application form will be used for planning and management of vaccination program upto local level government
  • 5) This form does not indicate the certainty for receiving vaccination
  • यो फारम किन भर्ने ? ( in Nepali)
  • १) तपाईं कुन केन्द्रमा खोप लगाउन चाहनुहुन्छ भन्ने सूचना प्राप्त गर्न
  • २) यो स्वैच्छिक, व्यक्तिगत आवेदन फारम हो
  • ३) यो फारम हालसम्म खोप नलगाएको १८ वर्ष र सो भन्दा माथिका व्यक्तिहरुबाट भर्न आव्हान गरिएको छ
  • ४) यो आवेदन फारमबाट प्राप्त भएका विवरण पालिका स्तर मा खोप संग संबन्धित योजना तथा व्यवस्थापन गर्नका प्रयोग गरिने छ
  • ५) यो फारम भर्ने बित्तिकै खोप लगाउने सुनिस्चितता भने जनाउदैन

Who should not take COVID vaccine

  1. age is less than 18.
  2. Patient having coagulation disorder.
  3. Pregnant Female
  4. In Lactating Female.
  5. First dose with hypersensitivity.

How you can register for COVID vaccine ?

You can register your details for the Nepal COVID vaccine as following . Its easy to fill up  the form . The form can be filled up in nepali as well as english language. More over you can login as well.

  • Self Registration
  • Registration for other
  • Registration through organization

20 Side effects of Covishield Vaccine

How to apply for the COVID vaccine in Nepal ?

You can apply for the COVID vaccine by going following link for the strazeneca vaccine or verocell vaccine




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