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6 Top Best Innovations In E-Health Technology In Nepal

E-Health Technology In Nepal is emerging in growing Digital Nepal. The innovations in Nepal in health are remarking as well as progressing with the different partner companies and the continuous support of the ministry of health Nepal.

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country located in the Himalayas. The country is home to some of the largest mountain peaks. The majority of the population and finance companies of the country are located in these valleys.

Therefore, the country is susceptible to a number of natural disasters reducing adequate healthcare delivery. Around 100,000 to 200,000 people face difficulty in accessing the healthcare system.

Top Best Innovations In e Health Technology In Nepal
Top Best Innovations In Health Technology In Nepal

Despite these difficulties, Nepalese healthcare innovation is growing rapidly and meeting international standards. The following paragraphs will scrutinize the recent conditions of the Nepalese health system and the latest developments in the sector.

Developments in Nepal’s E-Health Technology System

The development of a health system is necessary for the economic growth of a nation. One year of advancement in technology results in a four percent increase in social life expectancy. Currently, the nation lags behind in the number of doctors and nurses as per the World Health Organization (WHO).

But it is reducing at a faster pace due to the international aid the country is receiving for the development of the health technology sector.

Developments in Nepals Health Technology System
Developments in Nepals Health Technology System

In recent years, the technological ecosystem has being derived from ground to international standards. Numerous programs are resulting in innovative medical product creation such as; drones for transporting medicines. The distinct problems of Nepal are being resolved by innovative technological usage as  E-Health Technology system which is constantly in progress path aided by the Ministry of Health Nepal as well.

1. Prokura’s Flying Drone

The country is situated in a mountainous region, and the majority of the population is located in far rural areas. These areas are difficult to reach and require days of walking only to deliver lifesaving medicines.

The local organization named Prokura Innovations are manufacturing low-cost drones for delivering medicines. They are creating smart drones that can be monitored by website or mobile interface. The drones are specially built to cater for mountainous weather and operate on a single button.

To cement the ratability of the drone, it is manufactured from fail-safe mechanisms that can travel at a distance with a heavier weight. It serves as a revolutionary step in the Nepal healthcare system. This would be one of the E-Health Technology innovations there.

2. Multi-Slice CT scanner

Computer tomography (CT) is used for treating trauma and stroke patients. The device was high in demand due to the increased number of stroke and trauma patients in the region.

The local CT scanner has a lower penetration capability that is 1-6 CT scans/million. The device multi-slice CT scanner is being prepared in Nepal locally with a relatively higher resolution power. This can be used for identifying anatomical flaws and pathological issues.

The primary reason for its success is that it is prepared as per the Nepalese conditions to promote the E-Health Technology and funded by development banks in Nepal. It takes 50% lesser storage space and 40% lesser power for scanning. It can provide supreme quality images within 32 slides per rotation.

3. Portable Breast Examination Device

The breast incidence in Nepal is increasing rapidly with time. Almost 1700 new cases of breast cancer were reported recently, which reflects the need for advanced breast cancer treatment. A portable device is manufactured in the nation that can examine the normal and abnormal breast tissue.

Portable Breast Examination Device ibreastExam-digital health in Nepal
Portable Breast Examination Device ibreastExam

The device contains a low-power lead battery that consumes lesser electricity. The device is completely wireless and approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the manufacturers, it is the gold standard device for diagnosing breast cancer among Nepalese people.

Due to its lightweight and economical prices, it can be transported to rural areas through drones. Along with this, the radiation-free device also enables the diagnosis and treatment possible for the common people.

It works simply by calibrating on the breast tissue. Move the device in smaller quadrants and cover the whole breast tissue. It will produce a report regarding breast tissue health within four minutes.

4. e-Consultation ( Online Health Consultation)

e-Consultation or telemedicine is the most common use of the internet in the Nepal healthcare system. We all have witnessed the usage and significance of these electronic consultations during the pandemic.

These consultations in the E-Health Technology in the minor diseases can reduce the cost of healthcare in many developing nations like Nepal. This program was initiated in the developed countries, and it is now rapidly spreading in Nepal.

The distant learning or treatment option is long being embedded in the country to treat AIDS or sexually transmittable diseases. They use a chart of questions that the patient fills and get treatment according to it. This has now transformed into a digital questionnaire used to treat a wide range of minor diseases.

The system was first launched by a network of non-governmental organizations that facilitate and aware people regarding telemedicine which can be also regarded as the commencement of the digital health system in Nepal.

Despite the poor infrastructure and lack of awareness, the system gains rapid popularity among individuals due to the significant internet service provided in the country.

internet consultation system of Nepal -Nepal healthcare system.
internet consultation system of Nepal

The internet consultation system of Nepal is playing a significant role in the health system by facilitating healthcare professionals and reducing their physical burden. Along with benefiting the locals, this system is also helpful in creating a digital database for the officials.

Different patients with diverse conditions are treated online, and the related information is stored in the database. This information can be used by the officials to study different cases and treat patients.

5. Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI)

Nepal is under-developing and requires a lot of effort for sustaining its innovation in the healthcare system.

Due to the lower expenditure on health facilities, there is a number of different issues that arise. One of them is the availability of data for conducting research. The majority of researches and product launches are tangled due to the complexities of laws and lack of an authentic database.

HINARI is the initiative launched by the different countries to provide research papers to developing countries. The program was initiated in the early 2000s, and since then, it has provided access to more than 2000 journals.

The Nepali entrepreneurs are using journals like; Elsevier, Blackwell, Springer, and others to launch more innovative products in the country. The data from these journals are utilized as a preamble for extracting innovative ideas and providing dissertation proposal writing services to a number of inventors. The government, the Ministry of Health Nepal,  took complete advantage of this facility and encouraged youngsters to create more innovative products and projects on E-Health Technology.

6. Peer to Peer Learning

The Nepalese government is also playing its role in the innovation process. They are coordinating with other nations to share and exchange technological innovations.

The recent program launched by the name of ‘Support to the Health Sector Programme’ (S2HSP) enables the Nepalese government to collaborate and increase their digital development.

Under the supervision of this program, the first peer traveled to Myanmar and corresponded on the health information system in the country. Inspired by these events, the government arranges a Convergence and Planning Workshop in Kathmandu to promote innovation in the healthcare system.

Germany to the Rescue

Germany has provided digital support to many under developing nations. The provision of digital health is the cornerstone of German’s foreign policy. There is a number of German-funded innovative healthcare programs being launched in Nepal.

These programs create a significant impact on the digital development of the health sector in the country. The Nepali-German Health Program provides multiple opportunities for the local people to contribute to the digital health ecosystem with their innovative ideas.

See the following timeline that explains the development of the digital health system in Nepal.

digital health system in Nepal
digital health system in Nepal Source


It is clearly visible from the timeline that the present health system is not only crafted from foreign help. The Nepalese government and other trading companies were equally contributing to the advancements of these systems for E-Health Technology.

Nepalese Health Innovation on Progress

The infrastructure development of Nepal is delayed due to the geographical features of the country. However, the health system of Nepal has witnessed dramatic changes in previous years. The whole system is on the road to be digital within few years.

Along with other international aiding programs, the Nepalese government is working for innovative solutions to medical issues with focussing the E-Health Technology. The solution is based on advance and technologically innovative solutions.

There are numerous innovations in healthcare systems that are revolutionary for the whole country. The most prominent one among them is the medical drones use to transfer medicines and necessary supplies to distant regions of the country.

If you have any other innovative inventions on the list, then do tell me.


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