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Lists of Finance Companies in Nepal

Finance companies of Nepal have played important role in Nepal’s many fields for the overall development of Nepal. They are one of the good governing Banks in Nepal Income generation, entrepreneurship & development,  women empowerment are major focused areas that are being enforced by the  Finance companies in Nepal.

Lists of Finance Companies in Nepal
Lists of Finance Companies in Nepal

What are Finance Companies in Nepal?

Finance companies in Nepal are categorized as “C ” CLASS  Financial Institution by NRB( Nepal Rastra Bank).NRB is the national bank of Nepal which regulates all the banks and financial institutions in Nepal.

According to the updated data from Nepal Rastra Bank, there are  22 Finance Companies in Nepal with more than 200 branches all over the nation.

Till  July 2020 [Ashad, 2077], 19 out of the 22  ‘C’ Class finance companies in Nepal are national-level finance companies in Nepal


Type of Banks in Nepal

NRB has classified the financial institution into four major categories of banks in Nepal. These banks have their own criteria and field of work. These types of banks are listed as follows

  1. “A” Class  are Commercial Banks in Nepal
  2. “B” Class are Development Banks in Nepal
  3. “C” Class are Finance Companies in Nepal
  4.  “D” Class are Microfinance Companies in Nepal


Lists of Finance Companies in Nepal

Finance companies in Nepal are also established in rural areas as well. They are also helping the people at the local level also.

There are the  list of ‘C’ Class Finance Companies In Nepal

  1. Janaki Finance Co. Ltd.
  2. Pokhara Finance Ltd.
  3. Central Finance Ltd.
  4. Guheshwori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.
  5. ICFC Finance Ltd.
  6. City Express Finance Company Ltd.
  7. Manjushree Financial Institution Ltd.
  8. Reliance Finance Ltd.
  9. Nepal Finance Ltd.
  10. Gurkhas Finance Ltd.
  11. Lalitpur Finance Co. Ltd.
  12. United Finance Co. Ltd. United
  13. Best Finance Ltd.
  14. Progressive Finance Co. Ltd.
  15. Nepal Share Markets and Finance Ltd.
  16. Goodwill Finance Ltd.
  17. Shree Investment & Finance Co. Ltd.
  18. Multipurpose Finance Co. Ltd
  19. Shrijana Finance Ltd.
  20. Samriddhi Finance Co. Ltd.
  21. Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Co. Ltd.
  22. Crystal Finance Ltd.

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Capital of ‘C’ Class Finance Companies In Nepal

This is the list of the paid-up capitals of the finance companies in Nepal which is based on the financial statement for Mid July 2020. They are listed with the increasing paid-up capital

SNName of Finance companiesPaid-up Capital

(In core)

1United Finance Co. Ltd.104.08
2Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Co. Ltd.93.51
3ICFC Finance Ltd.92.65
4Pokhara Finance Ltd.91.73
5Gorkhas Finance Ltd.86.8
6Shrijana  Finance Ltd.84.78
7Reliance Finance Ltd.83.24
8Shree Investment & Finance Co. Ltd.82.9
9Best Finance Ltd.82.89
10Central Finance Ltd.82.34
11Manjushree Financial Institution Ltd.81.81
12Progressive Finance Co. Ltd.80.01
13Goodwill Finance  Ltd.80
14Guheshwori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.80
15Janaki Finance Co. Ltd.60.04
16City Express Finance Company Ltd.40
17Nepal Share Markets and Finance Ltd.23.33
18Multipurpose  Finance Co. Ltd22.41
19Lalitpur Finance Co. Ltd.18.79
20Samriddhi Finance Company Limited18.2
21Nepal Finance Ltd.13.58
22Crystal Finance Ltd.7

Summary to Utter :

  • Finance companies of Nepal are also one of the developing partner banks of Nepal.
  • Finance companies are increasing day by day in Nepal which has been working efficiently over local level as well

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