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Biska Jatra live |Nepal Festival Live |Nepal tv live

Biska Jatra is big festival in Bhaktapur Nepal. Watch live from different sources of television here. You can enjoy live festival video from different links with mild information about this biska festival What is Biska Jatra? Biska Jatra is Bhaktapur’s weeklong festival which is started after a special Tantric ritual in the Bhairab temple in […]

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Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 |Nepal festival songs

Best 6 Dashain Songs 2077 |Nepal festival songs. Nepal festival Dashain 2077 is very near. Dashain is one of the largest and biggest festivals in Nepal celebrated by the Hindus. All the offices, schools, government officials get a long holiday during this Dashain festival festival About Dashain festival Dashain festival is a Hindu festival in […]