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Worldlink 5G faster Internet Plans and Pricing

Worldlink 5G faster Internet Plans and Pricing is listed after the word link launched 5G Faster Internet in Nepal

The internet or the worldwide web has become an integral part of our modern. From the business requirements view to personal entertainment to the internet has made our lives interconnected and made the global world a small network.

The growing infrastructure all over the internet has made lots of changes in the life of all the people over the world. Not only the worldlink medical, but this internet has also become in all sectors of life.

Worldlink 5G faster Internet Plans and Pricing
Worldlink 5G faster Internet Plans and Pricing

In the case of Nepal too, the internet life has become an ease for business or personal life. Many ISP or Internet Service provider in Nepal is providing internet service all over Nepal. Everyone likes to make the internet fast to make their work or browsing fast.

Recently Worldlink, on the best internet service provider(ISP) in Nepal has offered 5G WIFI internet in Nepal. The worldlink news in Nepal has started marketing. We will be discussing this service and about 5G wifi in this post.


What is 5G Wi-Fi?

5G is simply the fifth generation WIFI. We should be aware that 5G WIFI is not related to the speed of the mobile network. It has nothing to do with the 5G cellular network. When we are talking about 5G in terms of Wi-Fi, they are actually referring to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band, not the 5G network.

Generally, there are two Wi-Fi frequency bands we can find. One is 2.4 GHz and the next is 5 GHz. The 2.4GHz wifi is mostly used in most places while 5 GHz is the newer one.

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5GHz WiFi Vs 2.4GHz WiFi?

Basically, each frequency WIFI has its pros and cons. The 5GHz and 2.4Ghz are both frequencies upon which WiFi can be broadcast throughout your home or any company can broadcast. The 5Ghz frequency support up to 1Gbps of throughput whereas 2.4Ghz is limited to 600Mbps.

The WIFI speeds may vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of your home, the networking hardware in your devices, the number of devices connected, the speed of your internet connection also. So, having the 5Ghz modem does not mean you will get internet speeds of 1Gbps. Moreover, the speed varies according to your closeness to the WIFI

The 5Ghz frequency WiFi is also less prone to interference than 2.4Ghz. This is because the former 2.4Ghz frequency wifi not only uses WiFi, Many other home appliances like garage door openers, cordless phones, and baby monitors use the same band. So due to congestion that can lead to slower speeds and drop-outs problems occur. So, 5GHz Wifi is better than 2.4 GHz because it has more non-overlapping channels. As a result, it has less congestion.

5 GHz internet would be highly beneficial in places where there are a lot of Wi-Fi congestions which is faster than 2.4 GHz in comparison. In a nutshell, 5GHz WiFi is faster but 2.4Ghz WiFi has a longer range.

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WorldLink 5G Plans & Pricing

There have been different plans by world link in Nepal for the internet. Below is the recent world link internet price list for the 5G Wifi in Nepal in table format.

30 Mbps Plan and Pricing

30 MbpsNo. of TVsNet TV standardSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityPrice
1 Month1 TVRs. 1,550/-
3 Months1 TVRs. 4,500/-
12 Months1 TVRs. 15,000/-

40 Mbps Plan and Pricing

40 MbpsNo. of TVsNet TV standardSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityPrice
1 Month2 TVsRs. 1,850/-
3 Months2 TVsRs. 5,450/-
12 Months2 TVsRs. 17,500/-

60 Mbps Plan and Pricing

60 MbpsNo. of TVsNet TV standardSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityPrice
1 Month3 TVsRs. 2,200/-
3 Months3 TVsRs. 6,450/-
12 Months3 TVsRs. 22,000/-

Setup Charges For New Customer

Speed5G Router RentalDrop Wire ChargesDeposit
30 MbpsRs. 5500/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
40 MbpsRs. 4500/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
60 MbpsRs. 4500/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/-

Setup Charges For Existing Customer

Speed5G Router Rental
(30/40/60)MbpsRs. 3000/-

TERMS & CONDITIONS For Worldlink 5G faster Internet Plans and Pricing

  • Customers in the Gold Plans can shift only within other Gold Plans.
  • A refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the router in working conditions.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable in Unlimited Plans.
  • Above mentioned plans are exclusively for residential purpose only and shall not be resold or used for business purpose.
  • TSC is included in Internet Service Charge.
  • VAT is extra.

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