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How to Do Hard and Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step

How to Do Hard and Factory Reset of iPhone would be a solution when your iPhone doesn’t work. Phone holders are increasing lots. There are lots of iPhone lovers all over. While using the iPhone there can be hardware and software problems. These software problems can be temporary.

If there is a software problem then you can do reset of your iPhone.You can do this rest of your iPhone in two ways. One is Hard Reset and the Second is Factor Reset. This way is how to factory reset iPhone without iTunes too.


This resetting of the phone can solve your problem by phone. But do in mind that whenever you do reset your phone, it will be wise to keep your data backup at a safe place.

How to Do Hard and Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step
How to Do Hard and Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step

How to Do Hard and Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step

Here we are discussing both that How to Do Hard and  Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step method.

Note: Keep in mind before resetting you might want to back up your device first because once the reset is don you won’t be able to get complete access to your data.

Hard Reset of your iPhone

Whenever there is software or minor problem you can do a hard reset of your iPhone. Make sure that you don’t have any hardware problems before doing it. In order to perform the hard reset of your iPhone follows the steps below:

1. Press then quickly release the volume up button.

Hard Reset of your iPhone
2. Again Repeat the same thing but this time press and quickly release the volume down button.
3. And lastly press and hold down your iPhone’s power button on the side till an apple logo appear’s on your iPhone’s screen.
4.  After the logo appears, you can let go of release the power button.
5. Now your iPhone will Restart.

After the restart, there should have solved a problem. If the problem is not solved then go for another method for Factory Resetting of the phone as below

Here is the video for Hard Reset of your iPhone



Factory Resetting Your iPhone

If the above steps not working for you then you can do the factory reset of your iPhone. Before factory reset  done only at the last option. This option of resetting your iPhone to its factory settings will restore each and every setting of the phone related to the software to its original state. This means that your iPhone will be just the same as you once took it out of the box for the first time. It will be a new bought iPhone time setting. And next is that once resetting is done simply navigate to your Settings and clear all settings to start afresh.
Here is the step by step method for the Factory Resetting of your iPhone.
1. The first thing you need to do is open up the settings tab present on your Homescreen.
2. Once in, simply scroll down to general and tap on it.
3. After that scroll down to search the reset option.

4. After that simply tap on it.
 Factory Reset of iPhone Step by step

5. Now simply tap on the “Erase All Content and Settings” you’ll be prompted to confirm the method simply entre your devices passcode.

6. Simply tap on “Erase iPhone”.


7. Now you will have to enter your Apple ID password. It will be prompted for you to remove your Account from the iPhone.
8. And that’s that, your iPhone will be reset to its factory settings.

By this method, your camera shaking problem should also be solved.

Learn From Video how to Factory Resetting Your iPhone

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