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Tips and tools for getting started as a mobile application designer

Get Tips and tools for getting started as a mobile application designer. When we start to think about the development of an application, whether it is for mobiles or computers, it is very important to think of everything. One of the things that need special attention is the user experience.

This is why it is necessary to have a mobile application designer in the Maven Digital mobile app development companies in UAE. Mobile app design for mobile devices and websites is a profession that did not exist even a few years ago.

But it is today one of the most requested professions along with that of the application developer.  Many people use quality freelance developers.

Between the novelties and the speed at which the technology sector is advancing, it is difficult to know how and where to start designing applications for mobiles and websites.

That’s why we need to follow a series of tips to start thinking about app design. You should know that the design of the app is very important for the user.

Tips and tools for getting started as a mobile application designer
Tips and tools for getting started as a mobile application designer

Inspiration, a key asset of the mobile application designer

Maybe the first thing you’re going to need to do when we’re looking to build an app is to find out what other designers are doing. For this same reason, it is essential to visit some of the following pages which compile the best sample applications.

IOS model 

We start with this platform in which we can choose between different categories among which we find cards, login screens, dialogues, calendars, lists, activities for our creations.

All of these designs are based on the current scheme of Apple and its devices, so we will find some very similar designs among them but with variations that make them really attractive.


This is another of the platforms where we find everything from loading screens to events, lists, letters, books, carts… for our creations. The difference is that here we can choose between Apples or Android designs. Without a doubt, a good center in which we will find inspiration.

Android Niceties

We continue with platforms of this style, but this one is much simpler than the previous two. The difference is that here we don’t care if it’s for iOS or for Android. We will find pallets and guides there.

Mobile Patterns

We come back with a little iOS and Android design because with this tool we will find different styles for the different screens that we want to develop. Maybe the patterns you find there are sometimes a bit old-fashioned, but you never know where you can find your inspiration.


Here we start to find a tool with which to search for exactly what we want. Since we will be able to choose the platform, the elements and even the style that we want to apply. We are talking about Blur, Arc, Drift, Fade, Fade, Fold, and Parallax… We can also see in action the images that we find on the screens.

Resources for mobile application designers

For you, these are most useful resources for the mobile application designers you must know .


Responsive Sketch Sheets

Start working with your designs and make them react through your sketches using sketch sheets. But what is it for? This tool is really useful for seeing what will happen to your design elements without the need for programming. It is therefore vital for all designers of mobile applications.

IOS8 GUI PSD (iPhone)

There is nothing quite like making your app look like the original design of the device we are working on. This is why a .pad file has been created with which we can have the elements that make up the iOS user interface.

Android 4 UI design kit PSD

It is the same type of platform as the previous one, but in this case, it is exclusive for Android.


Yes, we all know Pinterest and the photos we can find in this social photo network. But what happens if we search for “Mobile UI” in the search engine of the social network? Well, we’re going to come up with a lot of ideas and this is a way to find a lot of inspiration.

Tools for prototype design

And we come to the last point for every mobile app designer. This is the prototyping of mobile applications, a key phase in the start of any digital project. This is an important step because you have to test what the Sydney based web design agency you have made looks like. That is why there are some tools that help us achieve this step. Be careful to avoid the most common mistakes made by mobile application designers.


If you are a Photoshop tinkerer, this is your plugin. Standing allows buttons and screens you create directly from Photoshop to give them an animation. It will also display the result directly on your mobile device, or on that of the developer or the customer, to give them an idea of ​​the end result.


The fashion tool for all app makers that allows you to test all your prototypes before they launch. Get high quality in less than 5 minutes. Upload your design files, animations, gestures, and prototypes which are useful for the application designers.

Proto IO

It is one of the most powerful websites for the layout of applications. It’s really useful, and it’s all on one web page. But that is not all, since you will be able to export when the result suits us to present it to your customers.

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So in conclusion application designer for the mobile tools should be selected and design as per to benefit yourself.



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