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3 Choices You Have in Vancouver for iPhone Screen Repair

Have you dropped your iPhone on the floor? It has caused your iPhone screen to shatter. You can avail of Vancouver iPhone screen repair through AppleCare+ if you can.

However, if you cannot utilize this option it, you have other choices, too. Here are the choices you have for iPhone screen repair: let go with the  Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

Vancouver for iPhone Screen Repair
Vancouver for iPhone Screen Repair

#1. iPhone Screen Repair Shop:

Although it is your next best option after Apple repair, it may often seem the best. You will find various iPhone repair shops in Vancouver, but you cannot easily choose a phone repair shop. Beware of unreliable iPhone repair services that can steal your iPhone data and offer you the worst fix.

Finding and choosing a reliable iPhone repair shop is vital for you for iPhone screen replacement. One question stands in your way to find and choose a reliable iPhone repair shop: Which shop should I trust? You can rely on iPhone repair shops for iPhone screen repair that can meet the following conditions:

 Prompt Service:

 Broken screens are common among cell phone users, and iPhones are no different in this scenario. Different kinds of damages can break your iPhone screen, ranging from minor to major.

Nonetheless, iPhone repair technicians can fix broken iPhone screens. The best repair service will not only claim to fix iPhone screens faster than customer expectations.

It will prove it with a prompt screen repair and aid customers to get their favorite phones back as new.


 iPhone repairs are expensive. Even Apple repairs are expensive if your iPhone is not under warranty. However, the best third-party repair shop will not care for money only.

It will care about its customers, too. Some iPhone repair technicians can negotiate their service fee if you reveal to them how competitors charge for screen repairs. A reliable iPhone repair service will charge you reasonably. You can count an iPhone repair shop credible if it can fix iPhone screens affordably.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts:

A reliable phone repair shop in Vancouver for iPhone screen repair will only use OEM parts for repairs and replacements.

There is also a reason for using genuine parts for iPhone repairs. Genuine iPhone screen replacements are durable and meet customer expectations.


Credible iPhone repair shop will have a reputation for its services in Vancouver. In your case, you will want to know about customers who utilized a repair shop for iPhone screen repairs.

You can take advantage of the internet to find a third-party repair shop with a positive reputation for screen repairs. If you find out that customer reviews favor the iPhone repair shop, you can count on it.

 #2. Apple Repair: 

We have already mentioned that Apple repair is your best option if your phone is under AppleCare+. Nevertheless, Apple screen repairs become an expensive deal if your iPhone has surpassed this warranty. Apple repairs are, of course, very reliable.

Still, you may not like making an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Repair Center. If your iPhone is not under warranty, it is better to avoid this option.

If you still go with it, you can expect to wait for long. On the other hand, authentic iPhone repair shops offer same-day iPhone screen repairs.

#3. DIY (Do It Yourself) iPhone Repair: 

If you choose this option over the other, ensure you can fix your damaged iPhone screen. You will need to see tutorials online first to find out how to fix broken iPhone screens.

Next, you will need to order a repair kit to fix your iPhone screen. Although, DIY iPhone screen repairs seem the cheapest option.

Nevertheless, it may become the most expensive option if you damage your iPhone through the DIY fix. You have this choice available if you have the confidence in yourself for DIY iPhone screen repairs.

These are three obvious choices you have for iPhone screen repair. However, there are a few other options, too. However, people usually opt for one of these three options for iPhone screen repairs.


iPhones are big-ticket devices, yet the screens of these phones can break. Usually, iPhone users break their phone screens owing to mishandling or their lack of care.

If you have also broken your iPhone screen, you have three options to repair it. You can go for a DIY fix if you think it will save you money. Nevertheless, DIY iPhone screen repairs are not simple unless you are an expert at iPhone screen repairs

If your iPhone is under AppleCare+, Apple repair is your best bargain for screen repairs. However, Apple screen repairs are expensive if your iPhone does not cover this warranty.

Another choice you have in Vancouver for iPhone screen repair is a third-party repair shop. It may not seem like a competitive option over Apple repair. Still, it becomes your best option if you cannot or don’t want to avail of Apple repairs for reasons.

Lastly, the decision is all yours to choose your option for iPhone screen repair.

Cell Doctor ( is an authorized iPhone and Android phone repair service in Vancouver, Richmond, and Prince George.



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