6 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions
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6 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

iPhone Problems and Solutions can be addressed. Go for it.

Since their inception, iPhones have always been the user’s favorite because of the excellent functionalities they provide. However, like any other electronic gadget, issues are common with iPhones as well.

Regular wear and tear can result in some problems with your iPhone and when that happens, you might have to take it to a reliable iPhone repair center.

When you do that, make sure you visit a center that deals with wholesale iPhone parts in USA. Doing that will make sure that the spares you get are original and the costs for repairing is justified.

However, not all issues need necessarily be fixed by a repair center. Some of them can be fixed by a few tweaks by yourself. Here, we will discuss the common problems that an iPhone often encounters and the possible fixes to them.

6 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions
6 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

Wi-Fi Not Connecting

This is one of the most common iPhone problems and the solution is really simple. Just turn off your phone and then press the Home button and the lock button simultaneously till you get the Apple logo on the screen. Once the phone restarts, you should be able to use Wi-Fi on your iPhone. However, if you are still facing issues and Wi-Fi is still not connecting, you may need to visit some trusted repair center.


iOS Updates Not Available

Sometimes, you cannot find the newest updates to your iOS on your iPhone. This is another common issue and the solution to this goes like this. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and perform a force restart for your phone. This will bring up the Recovery mode for your iPhone. You’ll also see an update option and when you click it the update will start.


Cracked Screen

iPhone screens are the most vulnerable parts of this smartphone and a crack on it may mean that it loses the attractiveness and beauty. A cracked screen might also not perform correctly and your phone may become unusable.

This is a common issue and the only way to resolve this situation is to take your iPhone to a trusted repair center who will look into the matter and do the needful.


Camera Not Working

The camera not working is another common issue that many iPhone users encounter. The iPhone camera might not work if there are some restrictions set in its operations. To check it, go to Settings > General Instructions, and turn on the camera from there. The camera should work after this,. However, if it’s still not working, you can try resetting your phone.


Rapid Battery Drain

Fast battery draining is one of the common problems with iPhones. The issue might be a result of software glitches or the battery itself. If the issue is due to software issues, try updating your iOS. Also, turn off any unwanted apps that you are using. If the problem is with the battery, you will need it to be replaced.


Water Damage

Water is a nightmare for every electronic gadget and the iPhone is not an exception. A little drop on the puddle or pond can render your phone unusable and you may be seeing just a dark screen. If such is the case, first wipe out all visible water from the phone with clean cloth. Now, take a bag of rice and put your phone inside it for at least 24 hours.

Water will soak up all the water present in your iPhone and after the said period try turning on your iPhone once again. If the phone works, then all good. If however, your iPhone is still unusable, you may need to visit a trusted iPhone repair center.


These are a few common iPhone problems and their solutions. The fixes mentioned here should work in resolving the particular issue you are facing.

If however, it doesn’t work, you may need to take your phone to some reliable iPhone repair center. When you do that, make sure you visit a center that deals with wholesale iPhone parts in USA. Doing that will make sure that the spares are genuine and the costs for repairing are justified.


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