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Postal codes of Nepal province 2

Know the Postal codes of Nepal province 2. Postal codes are important for sending the letters and parcel to the destination. the use of postal code has made easy with the unique identification. Let know about it and before that got to know about the brief of Nepal province 2.

Postal codes of Nepal province 2
Postal codes of Nepal province 2

About Nepal Province 2

Nepal province 2 is a province in the southeastern region of Nepal and is Nepal’s second most populous province though the smallest province by area. The area of Nepal province 2 is 9,661 km2 (3,730 sq meters)

All major cities of Nepal province  2 connect partially with  Mahendra Highway, Tribhuwan Highway, Birendra Highway, and the postal highway of Nepal . . They are listed as

  • Mahendra Highway (East-West Highway) – Partly
  • Postal Highway – Partly
  • Tribhuvan Highway – Partly
  • Birendra Highway – partly

Borders and Demarcation of Nepal province 2

  • Province No. 1 to the east,
  • Bagmati Pradesh to the north, and
  • India to the south

The Koshi River and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a provincial demarcation border between Nepal province 2 and Nepal Province No. 1 in the east while Chitwan National Park and Parsa National Park acts as provincial demarcation border between Province No. 2 and Province No. 3 in the west part of Nepal.

Districts of Nepal province 2

The Nepal province 2 consists of eight districts from the Saptari District in the eastern part and Parsa District in the western part. The eight districts are :

  1. Parsa District
  2. Bara District
  3. Rautahat District
  4. Sarlahi District
  5. Siraha District
  6. Dhanusha District
  7. Saptari District
  8. Mahottari District

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Some specialties of Nepal Province 2

  • Janakpurdham, the birthplace of Sita is a center for religious and cultural identity
  •  the capital of the Videha dynasty that ruled the Mithila region in ancient eras
  •  The first urban planned municipality of Nepal, Rajbiraj, is also the oldest municipality
  •  Birgunj is a center which is only the metropolitan city in the province
  • Birgunj is then the economically equipped with industries. It is the most important International Gateway and trade way for this province as well as the Nepal country and hence known as “The Gateway of Nepal”.

Nepal Railway Project in Nepal province 2

Nepal Railway projects of the Nepal government are under progress in this Nepal province no. 2. Janakpur as a Main Station for 1024 km east-west Metro Railway project. This Nepal railway project is planned for further extension to two huge countries: India and China. After the completion of the Nepal railway project, the Nepal Railway will be connecting to the Indian Railways and China Railway which is being believed for the further landmark progress in between countries’ business and tourism promotion. 

The imposed east-west Metro Railway project of Nepal railway will be connecting as follows in the coming futures.

    • Janakpur (Nepal) to Lhasa (China)
    • Bardibas, Janakpur (Nepal) to Jainagar, Bihar (India)
    • Janakpur (Nepal) to Kathmandu (Nepal)
    • Janakpur (Nepal) to Biratnagar (Nepal)
    • Janakpur (Nepal) to Nepalgunj (Nepal)
    • Janakpur (Nepal) to Birgunj (Nepal)

Postal codes of Nepal province 2

The Postal codes of Nepal province 2  started as 44300  for the parsa and is accordingly differ in accordance with the district. The postal codes of Nepal province 2 are listed as Parsa postal codes, Bara postal codes, Rautahat postal codes, Dhanusa postal codes, Mahotari postal codes, Sarlahi postal codes, Saptari postal codes, Siraha postal codes. They are listed below.

Parsa postal codes

Parsa D.P.O.                             44300

Aadarshanagar                        44301

Parbanipur                                44303

Bindabasini                               44304

Bahuari Pidari                          44305

Shrisiya Khalwatola               44306

Biruwaguthi                              44307

Pakahamainpur                      44308

Phokhariya                               44309

Ranigunj                                    44310

Paterwa Sugauli                      44311

Viswa                                          44312

Janakitol                                    44313

Jeetpur                                      44314

Thori                                            44315

Bara postal codes

Bara D.P.O.                               44400

Nijgadh                                      44401

Mahendra Adarsha               44402

Simraungadh                           44403

Umjan                                        44404

Bariyarpur                                 44405

Kabahigoth                               44406

Dumarwana                             44408

Pipradhigoth                            44410

Basantapur                               44411

Simara                                        44412

Parsoni                                       44413

Amalekhgung                          44416

Jeetpur (Bhavanipur)           44417

Rautahat postal codes

Rautahat D.P.O.                      44500

Saruatha                                    44502

Pipara bazar                             44503

Madhopur                                44504

Rajpurpharahadawa             44506

Patharabudhram                    44508

Sitalpur                                       44509

Shivanagar                                44510

Laxminiya                                  44511

Kataharia                                   44512

Samanpur                                 44513

Chandra Nigahapur               44515

Dhanusa postal codes

Dhanusha D.P.O.                    45600

Khajuri                                        45601

Tinkoriya                                    45602

Yadukuha                                  45603

Duhabi                                        45604

Chakkar                                      45605

Raghunathpur                         45606

Godar Chisapani                     45607

Dhanushadham                      45608

Bagachouda                             45610

Jatahi                                          45611

Phulgama                                  45612

Sakhuwa Majemdranagar  45616

Dhalkebar                                 45617

Mahotari postal codes

Mahottari D.P.O.                    45700

Bardibash                                  45701

Bhangaha                                  45702

Loharpatti                                 45703

Pipara                                         45704

Matihani                                    45705

Ramgopalpur                           45707

Balawa                                        45708

Laxminiya                                  45710

Gaushala                                   45711

Shreepur                                   45712

Samsi                                          45713

Manara                                      45714

Sarlahi postal codes

Sarlahi D.P.O.                          45800

Lalbandi                                     45801

Bayalbas                                    45802

Haripoorwa                              45803

Hariaun                                      45804

Haripur                                       45805

Brahmapuri                              45806

Kaudena                                    45809

Barahathawa                           45810

Sundarpur                                 45811

Dumariya                                   45813

Karmaiya                                   45814

Harkthawa                                45815

Ramnagar(Bahuarwa)          45816

Chhatauna                                45817

Saptari postal codes

Saptari D.P.O.                          56400

Hanuman Nagar                      56401

Bairaba                                       56402

Phattepur                                 56403

Kanchanpur                              56404

Praswani                                    56405

Bhagawatpur                           56406

Koiladi                                         56407

Chhinnamasta                         56408

Bishnupur                                 56409

Rupani                                        56411

Pato                                             56412

Arnaha                                       56413

Kalyanpur                                  56414

Bodebarsain                             56415

Sisawa                                        56416

Kadarwona                               56417

Bhardaha                                   56418

Siraha postal codes

Siraha D.P.O.                            56500

Bastipur                                     56501

Lahan                                          56502

Bhagawanpur                          56503

Dhangadhi                                56504

Maheshpur patari                  56505

Bariyapatti                                56506

Golbazar (Asanpur)               56508

Sukhipur                                    56509

Bishnupur                                 56511

Belha                                           56512

Madar                                         56513

Mirchaiya                                  56515

Bandipur                                    56516

Kalyanpur Jabdi                       56517


Listed above are the Postal codes of Nepal province 2 .

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