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Postal codes of Nepal province 3 | Bagmati postal codes

For the Bagmati postal codes,  What is the postal code of  Nepal province 3 or the Postal codes of Bagmati Pradesh are to be known for you for your general knowledge. Nepal province 3 (Bagmati Pradesh) Bagmati Pradesh is one of the seven provinces of Nepal which includes the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The province […]

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Postal codes of Nepal province 2

Know the Postal codes of Nepal province 2. Postal codes are important for sending the letters and parcel to the destination. the use of postal code has made easy with the unique identification. Let know about it and before that got to know about the brief of Nepal province 2. About Nepal Province 2 Nepal […]

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Bajura Postal Code Nepal

Bajura Postal Code Nepal Postal Code of Bajura D.P.O. SN District/Area P.O. Postal Code Place 1 Bajura D.P.O. 10600 Bajura 2 Dandakot 10602 Bajura 3 Jukot 10603 Bajura 4 Faiti 10604 Bajura 5 Kolti 10605 Bajura 6 Manakot 10606 Bajura 7 Dogadi 10607 Bajura 8 Tate 10608 Bajura 9 Chhatara 10609 Bajura New map of […]