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Nepali Movie Songs 2019 & Nepali Movie Songs 2020

Nepali movie songs 2019 and Nepali Movie Songs 2020 are the Nepali song collections of Nepali movies. These nepali movie songs are the collection of hit Nepali film songs of the year 2019 and 2020.

Nepali movie songs are one of the finest and good on hearing. Those Nepali song collections are from the youtube jukebox sharing.

You can listen continuously for a long time as a youtube audio jukebox.

Nepali Movie Songs 2020 Listen online

Let’s listen to the best Nepali movie songs 2020 below online.


New Nepali Movie songs 2020

These are the new Nepali movie songs 2020 hit lists you should listen to online. They re the Nepali songs collections in Youtube

new Nepali movie songs 2019

These are the collection of new Nepali movie songs 2019 with evergreen hit nepali film songs

Also Go

new Nepali movie songs 2019 Song Lists in the above audio jukebox

  • Gojima Daam Chhaina by singer Rajan Raj Siwakoti/ Melina Rai/ Grishma Siwakoti from the Nepali moive “Changa Chet “
  • Lai Lai song by Artist Ketan Chhetri from the nepali movie “Prasad”
  • “Parkha Parkha” Song by Krishna Kafle and Bindu Pariyar from the nepali movie album ”Mangalam “
  • “Phoola Hoina” Nepali film songs by Pratap Das /Prabisha Adhikari from the Album “Rosy”
  • Banki Chari” Nepali Film songs by the Artist Rupak Dotel / Anju Panta from the Movie “ Prasad “
  • “Kahani Yo Prem Geetko” Nepali movie songs by the singer Artist Rohit John Chhetri, Shreya Sotang from the Album “Parinam”
  • “Pahilo Numbermaa” Nepali moive songs by Artist Devid_Shankar, Bindu_Pariyar from Chhakka Panja 3
  • Radha Piyaari” Nepali Movie songs by nepali singer Artist Sambhujeet Baskota / Komal Rajbhandari from the Nepali movie “Chauka Dau”
  • “I’m very Sorry” Nepali movie songs by nepali singer Artist Pravesh Mallick from the nepali movie Album “Fateko Jutta”
  • Aakhako Nani Nepali movie songs by nepali singer artist Artist Rajesh Payal Rai, Deepa Lama From the movie album “Bobby”

Hope you enjoy the old nepali movie songs and new nepali movie songs of 2020. Give your suggestions and comments

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