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Nepal Area Codes list You Should Know

Get all Nepal Area Codes for the STD dialing or ISD dialing.  When you are dialing the local telephone in Nepal you should know what the Nepal area code is?  If you are in India you may need to know how to call Nepal from India, China, or elsewhere from different parts of the country you need to know these Nepal area codes too.

For the landline telephone in Nepal to over the different parts of Nepal, you have to use area codes with the respective districts. you can find the Nepal area code for the local telephone in the Nepal mobile number directory published by Nepal telecom also.

But always searching on a directory book for Nepal area code list might be not so much easy. So, here are Nepal Telephones All Nepal Area Codes listed in the table

Get all Nepal Area Codes for Local telephone
Get all Nepal Area Codes for Local telephone

What is an Area code?

Area code is simply the digits in the phone number which identifies a particular telephone service area in the country. It also can be said as a geographic region identifier. Area Code is  usually 3 digits but Nepal Area Codes generally contains 1 or 1 digits

It is needed if you are dialing a longer distance call or STD call from a local phone or mobile. While calling Nepal from abroad, First you need to dial the ISD code then followed by the area code then finally the phone number is dialed.

For example, if you are dialing a phone from outside the country you need to dial the number as follow

+977 01 9841xxxx 

  • +977 is country code
  • 01 is Area code
  • 9841xxxx is the phone number of individual

If you are not sure about the area code while doing the phone then you may not connect to the right person. You can also get an area code locator to find out the exact area code of an individual place.


NIC Asia Bank Branches in Bagmati zone Nepal

Area Code Locator

You can use the area code locator to find out the area code number as well. In some countries, you can search this area code by yourself through some program or from the website.

For it when you just place the area code in the locator then you can find details and information of that particular place. So, these area code locators are helpful and easy to use.

All Area Codes Lists for Local Telephone in Nepal 

Nepal has its own system for the area code for the different places and areas. In order to get the area code list for doing the telephone, you should the exact area codes.

Under the National Numbering Plan in Nepal, the Department of Telecommunications of the Government of Nepal is liable to regulate telephone numbers in Nepal. Thus this numbering is very important in the telecommunication era.

Here is all area codes list by state and zones in  Nepal. The 76 district area codes are different you can go through it. The following table shows all of the area codes in Nepal according to the district. Altogether 76 districts’ Nepal area codes list are as follows. They are categorized according to individual zones.

All Area code locations (District wise)

All area code of Nepal is listed district wise which is differentiated according to the district-wise. The Nepal area code location is listed as follows

  • Mechi Area Codes
  • Koshi Area Codes
  • Sagarmatha  Area Codes
  • Janakpur Area Codes
  • Gandaki Area codes
  • Bagmati Area Codes
  • Narayani Area codes
  • Dhaulagiri Area Codes
  • Rapti Area Codes
  • Lumbini Area codes
  • Bheri Area Codes
  • Karnali Area Codes
  • Seti Area Codes
  • Mahakali Area codes

All above area codes located in respective numbers are defined below in the table. They are the area code location in all the zones.

Mechi Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1 Illam 27
2 Jhapa 23
3 Panchthar 24
4 Taplejung 24

Koshi Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Bhojpur 29
2. Dhankuta 26
3. Morang 21
4. Sunsari 25
5. Sankhuwa 29
6. Terhathum 26


Sagarmatha  Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Khotang 36
2. Okhaldhunga 37
3. Saptari 31
4. Siraha 33
5. Solukhumbu 38
6. Udayapur 35


Janakpur Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Dhanusa 41
2. Dolakha 49
3. Mohottari 44
4. Ramechhap 48
5. Sarlahi 46
6. Sindhuli 47


Bagmati  Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Bhaktapur 1
2. Dhading 10
3. Kathmandu 1
4. Kavrepalanchowk 11
5. Lalitpur 1
6. Nuwakot 10
Rasuwa 10
Sindhupalchowk 11

Narayani Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Bara 53
2. Chitwan 56
3. Makwanpur 57
4. Parsa 51
5. Rautahat 55


Gandaki Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Gorkha 64
2. Kaski 61
3. Lamjung 66
4. Manang 66
5. Syangja 63
6. Tanahun 65


Dhaulagiri Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Baglung 68
2. Parbat 67
3. Mustang 69
4. Myagdi 69


Lumbini Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Agrghakanchi 77
2. GulmiI 79
3. Kapilbastu 76
4. Nawalparasi 78
5. Palpa 75
6. Rupandehi 71


Rapti Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Dang 82
2. Pyuthan 86
3. Rolpa 86
4. Rukum 88
5. Salyan 88


Bheri Area codes

SN District Area Code
1. Banke 81
2. Bardiya 84
3. Dailekh 89
4. Jajarkot 89
5. Surkhet 83

Karnali Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Dolpa 87
2. Humla 19
3. Jumla 87
4. Kalikot 87
5. Mugu 19

Seti Area Codes

SN District Area Code
1. Achham 97
2. Bajhang 92
3. Bajura 97
4. Doti 94
5. Kailali 91

Mahakali Area codes

SN District Area Code
1. Baitadi 95
2. Dadeldhura 96
3. Darchula 93
4. Kanchanpur 99
6. VSAT 19

How to call Nepal from other countries using area code

In order to call Nepal from other countries, you should have ISD service on your phone. If you don’t have ISD service then you will not be able to call out of the country.  The format should be as below for a call to Nepal phone number from other countries.

Phone Dailing format in Nepal

There is a definite dialing format for dialing phones from other countries. You need to have country codes, area codes then phone numbers to do so.

The format is :
00 + country code (977) + Area Code+ telephone number
Example to call in Pokhara phone will be :


Here two middle digit “61” is the Area code for dialing Pokhara.


All area codes list in Nepal is useful when you are doing the phone to outer places in Nepal. Keep them in mind for easy use. Also, you can use the area code locator to find the particular Location area code in Nepal as well.

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