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Best hospitals in Bhaktapur Nepal

List of top hospitals in Bhaktapur district of nepal are many. Find our the best and top list of hospitals . Bhaktapur is one of the best place for the medical resource . There are lots of quality health centers in Bhaktapur districts.

There are more than dozen hospitals which are from community hospital to private hospitals types in this district. Let know the best hospital you can find here.

Many hospitals in Bhaktapur provide wide range of services that include emergency care, scheduled surgeries, labor and delivery services, Lab and diagnostic testing, immunizations, nursing care, doctors services and so on.


Top Private hospitals in Bhaktapur

  1. Madhyapur Hospital
  2. Iwamura Hospital
  3. Bhaktapur International Hospital
  4. Arogya Hospital
  5. Summit Hospital
  6. KMC Hospital

Top Community hospitals in Bhaktapur

  1. Siddhi Memorial Hospital
  2. Nagarik community Hospital


Top Municipality Hospitals in Bhaktapur

  1. Suryabinayak Hospital
  2. Khowpa Hospital
  3. Korea Maitri Hospital
  4. Changunarayan Hospital

Top Government Hospitals in Bhaktapur

  1. Bhaktapur Hospital
  2. Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital
  3. HOTC Hospital
  4. KCC Hospital

Mahdyapur Hospital Best hospital in Bhaktapur

Madhyapur hospital is one of the top hospitals in bhaktapur  in private sector

Madhyapur hospital is one the best hospital in Bhaktapur providing almost all the health services in Bhaktapur. There are lots of patients who get quality service which are from the Bhaktapur district itself and from surrounding places as well.  Recently Madhyapur Hospital has installed new technology MRI and providing the best MRI services.

mahdyapur hospital in Nepal best hospital
mahdyapur hospital in Nepal

Madhyapur hospital is the first to start MRI services in Bhaktapur district. Not only MRI, there had been many first time health service like CT Scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy with the 24 hours ambulances service, emergency services and lab service.

Madhyapur hospital is 100 bedded private hospital with inpatient and outpatient service and Physiotherapy services

Bhaktapur hospital is regarded as one of the oldest hospital in Nepal as well as in Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur hospital list contain the private hospitals, government hospitals, community hospitals, municipality hospitals  Following is the list of best hospitals with you can find all over Bhaktapur district.





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