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List of USSD Codes for NTC Mobile in Nepal [Updated]

List of USSD Codes for NTC Mobile with updated service are complied here. USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and this protocol is being used by mobile phones to communicate with the service provider’s device. USSD codes are simply the short codes that you can dial on your mobile phone inorder to access various services provided by the service provider .

Nepal Telecom is the leading government telecommunication in Nepal. It has been providing quality telecommunication services throughout the country. customers dial *400# to check their balance. However, not everyone may know what it is called. Such a code is also known as USSD code i.e. quick code or feature code.

Many telecom services can be availed using these codes. About which we may not know. So here we are informing you about the USSD Codes for NTC service that can be taken in Nepal Telecom by simply dialing on your mobile with NTC SIM installed .

List of USSD Codes for NTC Mobile in Nepal
List of USSD Codes for NTC Mobile in Nepal

One of which is to get information about the balance. 4G activation, package subscription, GSM mobile recharge, balance transfer, misalert, call ringback tone etc by knowing USSD Codes for NTC . How to get the service? you can enroll and follow these steps and ways with your mobile .


Most Useful USSD Codes for NTC Mobile

These are the most common ussd code we generally used for NTC Moblile

1. Balance Inquiry: *400#

To check your balance on NTC, you can simply dial *400# from your mobile phone and press the call button. The  remaining balance of your mobile will be displayed on the screen.


2. Recharge: 412<PIN>#

When you wan t To recharge your NTC account, you have to dial 412 followed by your 14-digit recharge PIN and then #. For instance, if your recharge PIN is 123456789012, you would dial 412123456789012#.


3. Data Pack Activation: *1415#

Inorder To activate a data pack for your NTC mobile, dial *1415# from your mobile phone and then press the call button.  there will be list of available data packages from where you can choose according to your need

4. Voice Pack Activation: *1415#

Voice package can be taken . To activate a voice pack on NTC, dial *1415# from your mobile phone and press the call button. You will then be presented with a list of available voice packs and you can chooose among


5. SMS Pack Activation: *1415#

To activate an SMS pack on NTC, You have to dial *1415# from your mobile phone and press the call button.  list of available SMS packs will display to choose from.


6. Caller Tune Activation: *1455#

To activate a caller tune on NTC mobile, dial *1455# from your mobile phone and then press the call button.  all the availabe list of  caller tunes  aae displayed to choose and activate it


7. Checking Own Number: *922#

When you want to check your own NTC mobile number, dial *922# from your mobile phone and press the call button. Your mobile number with the registred name will be displayed on the screen.


8. 4G Activation:*444#

You can change your SIM card to 4G or activate NTC 4G service .for this you have to dial  *444# on your mobile phone

If your SIM card is not compatible with 4G, it will also provide that information. If that happens, the SIM card must be changed. For that, you have to go to the office of the NTC .


9. Balance Transfer (Prepaid): *422*

NTC mobile balance transfer can be done in prepaid SIM to your friends and relatives .  You can send money to someone by dialing *422*Security Code*Mobile Number*Amount#.


10. Miscall Alert Service: *1400#

You can get misscall alert service. This service can be taken by dialing *1400#. This works to inform you if someone has tried your phone.


11. Call Ringback Tone (CRBT):*1455# 

CRBT is call ringback tone you can set on your mobile phone. you can do it  by dialing *1455# 


Complete list of USSD Codes for NTC Nepal

These are the USSD Codes or short codes for NTC S mobile service, landline, asdl , enquiry and complain by Nepal Telecom


  1. NTC Mobile  short codes
PackagesKnow Latest Offers*1415#Dial
BalanceCheck Balance*400#Dial
Mobile NumberCheck Your Mobile Number*9#Dial
SIM OwnerCheck Your SIM Owner*922#Dial
Call ForwardCall Forward Activate**21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number#Dial
Call ForwardCall Forward Cancel##002#Dial
Call WaitCall Waiting Activate*43#Dial
Call WaitCall Waiting Cancel#43#Dial
Balance TransferBalance Transfer*422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*Rs.#Dial
Security CodeSecurity CodeSCODE and Send to 1415SMS
ISDISD Activate#331*0000#Dial
ISDISD Deactivate*331*0000#Dial
CRBTCRBT ActivateSUB to 1455SMS
CRBTCRBT DeactivateUnsub to 1455SMS
Namaste CreditNAMASTE CREDIT activateSTART to 1477SMS
Namaste CreditNAMASTE CREDIT deactivateSTOP to 1477SMS
MCAMCA Activate*1400*1#Dial
MCAMCA Deactivate*1400*2#Dial
FNFFNF ActivateFNFSUB9841xxxxxx to 1415SMS
FNFFNF ADDFNFADD01488xxxx to 1415SMS
  1. Landline, ADSL, FTTH short codes
LandlineBill InquiryCB*01488xxxx  to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Offer ValidityVL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Balance InquiryBL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS
Useful PSTN Services Click Here
  1. Inquiry & Complain USSD codes
LandlineTelephone Repair198Dial
LandlineNumber Inquiry197Dial
MobileCustomer Support1498Dial



Hope these above List of USSD Codes for NTC Mobile in nepal is helpful and worth for you .you can share among your friend circle to get know these services.  Also you may wan to explore Nepal Area Codes 



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