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5 Tips For Geo-Targeted Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations

If your business exists in more than one physical location. Read these 5 tips for optimal local SEO services.

With the increasing trend of digital marketing, SEO i.e. Search engine optimization is a widely expanded arena used for optimizing the visibility of your online brand or services.

Local SEO services are one of the important parts of this huge arena of SEO. These SEO services are the services that increase the visibility or ranking of your website in the nearby locations of your serving location. We all know that most people decide for the services they want to use from the first four or five searches of google search engine result pages.

Tips For Geo Targeted Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations
Tips For Geo Targeted Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations

Hiring a local SEO services company can boost your company sales twice or even up to thrice.

What Do You Mean By Multi-Location SEO?

Multiple Location SEO refers to the SEO techniques that a business uses which are located in more than one physical location. Multiple locations mean you need to create various optimized location pages. Now you have to plan an SEO strategy for each location page to increase visibility over the local search results. It will give a sudden boost to your website’s traffic.

5 Major Tips For Geo-Targeted Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Creating your own Google My Business profile for your brand is the beginning step to optimize your local seo. Google my business is the online platform through which you can establish your business in google maps searches or nearby geographic locations. After creating the GMB account, you have to fill up all the correct business details.

If you have already made your GMB profile or you need to claim or optimize it properly to get more visible clicks or google authentication. Try to use the correct brand name, website link along with high-resolution business pictures. If you have business in multiple locations you need to provide multiple addresses & mobile numbers to all your locations to complete the verification.

Optimize Your On-Site SEO 

Optimizing your on-site issues is crucial for generating more traffic from local SEO services. Conduct a proper site audit for your website to find out issues related to the content, meta titles, meta description, header tags, local SEO keywords & backlinks. Before promoting your site online you need to make it SEO-ready by resolving these on-site issues to raise the overall keywords ranking or site readability among your customers.

For improving local SEO, you have to uniquely present your brand by using proper keywords, LSI or these keywords need to be well distributed among the content. You can add certain elements like images, call buttons, or personalized content to increase the click-through rate.

Improve Local Traffic To Your Website

For increasing more local SEO traffic to your website, you need to create well-optimized location pages targeting each location. You can’t target various locations with one location webpage. Definitely, you can use location keywords in these pages for directing more and more local traffic to your website.

Different business location pages provide you the opportunity to rank on different local keywords. Get well-researched keywords, try to cover all the keywords while writing the user content. You need to keep different metrics in mind related to search queries like google ads planner, Semrush, uber suggest, Moz or ahrefs. It will help you to outrank your competitors.

Encourage Your Customers To Give Reviews

Google’s customer reviews feature is a powerful technique to attract more customers to your business location. Most of the research shows that online customer reviews help in building authenticity & trust among your customers. The more reviews you receive, the more Google will consider you as genuine or trustworthy service.

Google always tries to provide relevant business services to their users in local searches. Opinions left by the customers help Google to understand to get a more clear idea about your services. If you have more reviews than your competitors then Google automatically shows your business on top of all the search results.

Google My Business Insights

Google my business has various features that you can rely on to get better results. It gives you the option to monitor your multiple targeted business locations. The recent updates in google my business provides you insights to analyze what improvements do you need for your local business.

Insights provide you a list of keywords that your customers use to reach your business services. It will help you in finding the well-searched terms for which your business is ranking. You can analyze 3-month-old data along with detailed actions of customers like website clicks or phone calls. You will find how many times your listing appears in local searches.


If you are operating a business in more than one physical location, you have to plan a more optimized or step by step local SEO strategy to rule the local searches or listing area. Improving your local SEO can grow your service more powerful over competitors. Otherwise, you can hire a local SEO services agency to get more visible results.


Who needs local SEO?

There are a lot of different industries or companies that need local SEO services. Mainly businesses like medical clinics, restaurants, plumbers, law offices & many more can take advantage of local SEO. Any business that has a physical location with a proper address can be used for gaining local customers.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

There is only one major difference between SEO & local services is the area it covers. SEO is done to increase visibility all around the world or in global searches. But local SEO services usually attract customers from locations all around your business. Both are used for different prospects.

How many types of SEO are there?

There are three types of SEO techniques that every business uses. One of them is On-page SEO, the other one is Off-page SEO or the third one is technical SEO. You have to resolve all the on-page errors along with technical SEO issues. After both of these create a well-optimized strategy to create backlinks which are considered Off-page SEO.





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