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6 Effective Ways of Video Recruiting for Staffing Solution

Video Recruiting is an effective way for any company in this pandemic time. Lots of video recruiting services nowadays are emerging and are a good way of staffing at this time.  It is no secret that the type of candidates you hire can either make or break your business.

Therefore, if one of your goals is to enhance your business and earn more profits, you need to make the recruitment process very seriously. Different companies use different processes to look for and recruit candidates. However, considering that we are currently living in a pandemic era, most of the recruitment methods are becoming old-fashioned and ineffective.

Still, one approach has proven to be very effective when used as staffing solutions; using Video for recruitment. Now a days you can find lots of video recruiting services provider as well. you can also seek them by paying the certain charges as well. But, how exactly can you use Video to interview and recruit qualified candidates? Consider the following

Effective Ways of Video Recruiting for Staffing Solution
Effective Ways of Video Recruiting for Staffing Solution

These are six effective ways on how to use videos as staffing solutions for your company or office. These are the major things you should focus about.


1. Advertise Your Job Vacancies

 Some business people and recruitment agencies still use old-fashioned textual job descriptions for advertising job openings. However, job-seeking candidates are sick of reading these boring job descriptions. Hence, using this standard tedious method can cost you many good candidates and potential employees.

Instead, it would be best if you used videos to advertise any job openings in your business. Use the videos to show potential candidates the duties and tasks that are carried out in your business. Also, you can show the candidates how their typical day would look like if they were employed in your office.

One research study done by CareerBuilder showed that job postings that use videos have 12% more views and a 34% higher application rate than those postings without videos. Therefore, when you use videos for advertising your job vacancies, you can rest assured that you will attract the best pool of talent to your business.


2. Showcase Your Company Culture

 It is true that you can tell potential candidates about your company culture, or even write to them about it. But why would you opt to tell your candidates about it when you can show it to them?

Nothing explains a company’s culture better than a video. A video effectively gives candidates a clear glimpse of how it is like to work and engage in the activities of the business. For instance, you can conduct a virtual office tour for your candidates and let them see your beautiful office space. Also, you can use Video to provide a clear insight into what goes on in the business.

And the good about these videos is that you can create one on your own! Yes, you do not need to buy those very expensive video equipment or hire a professional filming team. You can get a good company culture video using your smartphone and send it to your potential candidates.

There can be some video recruiting services provider with the professional videos as well


3. Use Video at a Job Fair

 You can also use videos at a job fair. Mulitple job fair are being organized at different levels and places. Now a days there are online job fair. You can use the company video for the Video Recruiting options.  Let job seekers see how amazing it will be to work for your company.

For instance, you can set up a laptop on a desk, such that job seekers at a job fair can quickly view it. Alternatively, you can share the video links with them through email.

Using Video at a job fair will help you attract more qualified job seekers to your company. It will also help you to connect more personally with the best job candidates.

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4. Explain Your Hiring Process

 One of the most frustrating things is a hiring process where almost everything is kept in the dark. Video Recruiting can be one of the good approach this time. The best and top qualified candidates usually avoid hiring methodologies that do not explain how long it will take, what things to expect, how many stages are involved, and any other important information.

Therefore, to increase your chances of getting the best candidates, you should give candidates enough details about the hiring process. You can create a fantastic video that clearly outlines the expected timeline of the hiring process, as well as all the steps that will be involved.

When candidates clearly know what to expect from the hiring process, they will have realistic expectations and avoid any frustrations. More so, the candidate experience will be much smoother, and you will be able to get the best of the best candidate.


5. Leverage Video for Candidate Communication

 In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 81% of all those interviewed commented that good and regular communication is essential when it comes to improving the overall candidate experience. So if you want to dazzle your candidates and attract the best talent pool, you would do well to make regular, continuous communication part of your hiring process.

Videos are an effective way to have thorough communication with your candidates. For instance, you can embed a video or include a video link in the emails you send to potential candidates. In these videos, you can also provide relevant and timely updates about the hiring process.

Alternatively, you can use videos in the last steps of the hiring process. In the emails intended for potential candidates, you could include a video message from the CEO. Doing so would give your offer a personalized touch and make it attractive, especially for top candidates.


6. Interview Top Candidates

 Rather than use the old-fashioned hiring process, you can consider using videos to interview potential candidates and employees. Video Recruiting can be done this way.  Video interviews improve and increase the efficiency of the recruitment process. In addition, they make screening of candidates much more effective and widen your pool of talent.

More so, when videos are used for interviewing, they save a lot of time and money. In fact, research studies show that companies and firms that use Video interviewing tools improve their cost per hire 2.7 times more than those without these tools. Also, companies that use video interviews save their time by 60%.

Another good thing about video interviews is that they make it possible to interview long-distance candidates. Also, candidates can take part in interviews from anywhere in the world and at their most appropriate time. Therefore, with video interviews, you will be exposed to a larger pool of talent.

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 Recently, Video Recruiting has become a crucial part of the recruitment process. Hiring strategies that involve using Video have proven very effective when it comes to choosing the best employees.

If you are a business owner or a recruitment agency, you do not want to be left behind. video recruitment services can be obtained with good quality agency or company.

SO, you can Incorporate videos in your hiring process in one or more of the six ways discussed above, and you will gain a competitive advantage over all other businesses.



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