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How Do I Use Himalayan Salt Blocks to Construct a Salt Wall?

Himalayan salt Blocks for walls are increasingly used nowadays. These tiles are known for their health and aesthetic benefits. There is a step-by-step guide to installing a wall.

What are Himalayan salt Blocks?

Himalayan salt Blocks for walls are the pieces of salt deposits found in the Himalayan range in Pakistan. They are beneficial for respiratory diseases, mental stress, and skin conditions.

Salt tiles are known for their health and environmental benefits and are also used for decorative purposes. Their natural pink color is also a factor of popularity.

Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and allergies can be benefited by taking daily sessions in a salt therapy room. It is a technique called speleotherapy which is an alternative treatment of consuming medicine.

Daily sessions help reduce inflammation in bronchial tubes, break down mucus, and eliminate environmental allergens. It promotes healthy breathing.

Himalayan salt Blocks create a warm and relaxing environment with backlighting. Light penetrates from Himalayan salt Blocks for walls which emits negative ions in the environment. These negative ions are responsible for reducing stress and anxiety within the individual by increasing the body’s serotonin level.

Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis are skin disorders that can be cured by salt walls. Pink salt Bricks have antibacterial properties. It can smoothen the skin, improve skin hydration, remove itching, and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

Pink salt Bricks have the property to purify the air. Salt attracts water molecules from the environment which may contain allergens, pollutants, and bacteria. When Himalayan salt Blocks for walls are heated, the water evaporates in the air but pollutants and allergens remain trapped in the salt.

Materials used to make salt wall

Firstly, you need salt tiles to build a wall. Calculate the amount of Himalayan salt Blocks for walls based on their dimensions. Choose a place where you want to install the salt wall. Calculate an estimated amount of Pink salt Bricks that can be used.

Secondly, the salt adhesive is an important material. To attach salt bricks you need a salt adhesive. Ensure your salt adhesive is suitable for high temperatures If you are installing Himalayan salt Blocks for walls in the sauna.

Thirdly, you need a metal or wooden frame if your place needs additional support. Himalayan salt Blocks for walls are heavy and can add a valuable amount of weight to your walls. These frames are optional based on your needs.

Fourthly, For backlighting LEDs can be used. It can add a warm and soothing glow to your space which is beneficial for relaxing and reducing stress. Backlighting helps to release negative ions which is also responsible for healthier breathing.

Lastly, sealer is used to protect salt from humidity and moisture. Salt attracts water molecules which can be disastrous if sealer is not used. Salt is a conductor of electricity, sealer protects the salt from humidity to prevent from short circuit.

Tools for installing salt wall

You need a measuring tape to measure the area where you want to build a salt wall. After measuring the area of place and Himalayan salt Blocks for walls you’ll be eligible to count the number of Pink salt Bricks required. It is needed whether you want to build all walls or for a single wall only.

The level is needed to check whether the bricks are placed evenly or not. It will ruin your design if you place the bricks with uncertainty in it. Leveling is also important to make the wall durable.

Drill and screws are used to secure the frame with the wall by drilling in existing walls and placing screws in frames. If your place needs additional support of metal or wooden frame, you need drill and screws.

Ensure you are using safety gear such as glasses, dust masks, and gloves. Mask and glasses will protect you from dust when cleaning the place before installation. Gloves will ensure you will not stick with adhesive and do not cut your hand when cutting Himalayan salt Blocks for walls.

How to install a salt wall?

Planning is the most important step before building a salt wall. You need to choose a suitable place that supports the weight of pink salt blocks. Measure the area of Himalayan salt Blocks for walls and the place where the wall will be installed. Based on the area of brick and place, calculate the number of bricks required.

If your place needs support, create a wooden or metal frame. Ensure that the frame is level and properly tied up. Secure plywood or cement board to the studs to make a solid backing for the salt bricks.

Decide on the design of the LED strips for backlighting. Ensure that LEDs are securely attached to the frame and that wiring is isolated and safely installed to prevent accidents. Himalayan salt Blocks for walls are a conductor of electricity so make sure no wire is directly attached to the salt bricks.

Apply a line of salt block adhesive to the back of the first brick by using a caulk gun. Strongly press the pink salt block onto the bottom of the frame. Use a level to ensure bricks are perfectly horizontal and even because the rest of the bricks will be attached to them.

Continue applying a fair amount of salt adhesive on each brick. Press every brick firmly against the frame, ensuring tight joints. If you need even spacing between bricks, you can use spacers. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap bricks into place. It will ensure a tight fit.

It is necessary to apply sealer to the Himalayan salt Blocks for walls. This sealer is to protect Pink salt Bricks from humidity and moisture. As salt is a conductor of electricity, usage of sealer is crucial to prevent accidents. After applying, let it dry completely before using the wall.

After complete installation, check for any loose bricks or gaps in the grout and make necessary adjustments. Remove all remaining construction debris and clean the wall surface for master finishing.

As an installation, maintenance is also an important part that makes your wall durable. Maintenance includes regular cleaning of walls which helps to maintain their appearance. Keep the wall dry to prevent erosion and damaging Pink salt Bricks. Check for loose bricks and repair them as required.

FAQs on Himalayan Salt Blocks

Do Pink salt Bricks have other benefits than natural aesthetic looks?

Yes, Pink salt Bricks have various health benefits such as curing respiratory diseases, reducing stress, and benefits skin conditions.

How stress is reduced by salt blocks in your surroundings?

Negative ions released by Himalayan salt help to increase serotonin levels which helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

Why wooden or metal frames be installed along with bricks?

It is not necessary but if your place needs extra support, you should install it too.

Why use safety goggles while installing salt walls?

They will protect you from dust particles and ensure your hands do not get stuck while using adhesive.

Are LEDs necessary to be installed with salt walls?

It is not necessary, you should follow your selected design.



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