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3 Things to do after eCommerce Website Development

If you want to have a successful business it is highly advisable that you venture into eCommerce website development.

Today, the most effective marketing strategy is powered by technology. That is because technological advancements have so many possibilities in our daily lives. These advantages and possibilities can also be observed in the way we sell goods and services.

That is why almost all kinds of businesses hire an agency to do eCommerce website development. It is important to note that when you are hiring a development agency you should also be knowledgeable of the eCommerce website design Singapore aspect.

Things to do after eCommerce Website Development
Things to do after eCommerce Website Development

This is more practical and more preferable so that your website can be more effective as a digital marketing tools. The  things that you have to don’t end after the website is all set up. There are still things that you have to check and consider even after the completion. Website testing, social media setup and install analytics are major things for the website design aspect

If you wanna know more here are three things that an eCommerce website design Singapore agency should remember.

These are the things to do after making the ecommerce website for your company. You need to perform these task .

1. Website Testing (Test, test, and test )

One of the most vital parts of an eCommerce website development is testing. No matter how good your eCommerce website development team is, there can still be some errors and mistakes. That is why it is important to do many rounds of website testing before launching it to the public.

eCommerce website testing
eCommerce website testing

Dry runs or testing are done after the eCommerce website design Singapore layout is finished. The reason is that the design plays an important role in the responsiveness of an eCommerce website. By running these kinds of tests you can pinpoint which parts of your eCommerce website need to be improved or changed. This way your customers can have a smooth experience. 

2. Social media Setup

Even if an eCommerce website development is an already effective marketing strategy, you can maximize its advantages by setting up your own social media account. Your social media accounts should look similar to the eCommerce website design Singapore.

top recents social media setup
social media setup

In this kind of business, it is important to ensure consistency across all platforms. This way your customers can easily recognize and remember your company. This can help you gain more sales and higher revenue. 

3. Install google analytics 

Lastly, it is important to know the effectiveness of your eCommerce website. There are many digital marketing tool that you can use to analyze how effective your website is. These tools and software would give you numbers regarding your monthly visitors and the conversion rate. 

Install google analytics and track the user is one of the best option to set up after making these types of business website. Tracking everything on your site is a demand to get the good strategy to do expand your business .  Daily visitors statistics is good tool to sum up with .

This way you would know if your eCommerce website development is really gaining you more potential clients. Being able to analyze the traffic of your eCommerce website can help you improve and change certain aspects of your website.

It is also important to schedule regular maintenance to avoid further complications in the website.

How you can choose the best ecommerce consulting firms

Things to remember when hiring an eCommerce website design Singapore agency

Certain things are to be known if you gonna hire the website design from different agencies and companies. You have to jot out some points and need to do review yourself for this purpose.


When you want to hire an eCommerce website design Singapore company, the first thing that you should consider is their field of expertise.

This industry is very saturated meaning that there are many companies offering this kind of service. You can filter them out by starting with the agencies that already have experience working with companies that offer similar products as you are.

This can save them time in figuring out what kind of design works well with your goods and services. So, quality is one of the must thing that you can get from the expertise for your website development. 

Past projects

You can further filter them out by looking at their past projects. You should look for a design agency that can deliver exactly what you want your website to look like. This can be good reference for installing and implementing the new project . 

These agencies have different ways of interpreting and branding all sorts of businesses. Make sure that you are hiring a team that knows what you want so that the final product is something that would satisfy you.


Lastly, the eCommerce website development process is not as easy as it looks. That is why it is important to consider working with an agency that treats its customers well

You can review the feedback or reviews from past clients to know whether or not they are a good candidate for your eCommerce website. Your client are the real business entity. After each, feedback is important thing to get going further. Working with the team that you feel comfortable with can ensure better results.

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Hire one today

The perks and advantages of an eCommerce website are more emphasized in the world that we are living in today. That is why it is also important to hire an eCommerce website development agency that is well-skilled and competent enough to deliver high-quality services.

Digital Solutions is among the top agencies in Singapore today. We offer professional help and opinion starting from the planning up to the website maintenance. If you want to know more about our services you can visit our website and contact us.



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