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Ultimate Link Building Strategies : To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Link building is a powerful SEO strategy that all marketers use to drive quality traffic to a website. When thinking about off-page SEO, link-building plays a vital role in increasing search visibility and rankings in search engines.

Apart from link-building, having high-quality content that provides value to the target audience is an important ranking factor for Google. In consequence, website optimization is a top priority for all business websites.

Using a white-hat method for link-building is a good way to build thousands of high-quality backlinks and directly contribute to inbound channels.

What Is Link-Building?

Link-building is the process of creating backlinks from another authority website. Marketers gather references from other sites that link back to their content. On-page SEO and quality content are not only the ranking factors for any search engine. Building quality backlinks from other websites is the most important ranking signal for Google.

Link-building is two-way traffic in which you provide a link to another website or that website links back to you. While you get organic backlinks from publishing strong content will increase your website traffic. Link-building is linking two websites with the same niche.

While learning how to Guide for Launching a Website, Make sure you also optimize your website off-page and technical SEO.

Importance of Link-Building

White-hat SEO is a perfect method for building high-quality backlinks free of cost. It is an efficient key for driving organic search traffic to your website. Building backlinks from authorized sites could improve your organic traffic and search visibility. If you want to know high-authority sites for link-building, you can use SEO backlinks services from a digital marketing agency. The importance of backlinks is,

  • Increase your ranking score on search engines and make it visible to audiences. Earning more backlinks from authorized sites is an alert for Google that your website contains relevant content.
  • Backlinks are essential for increasing the organic traffic of your website. Following the white-hat method is preferable for saving your money.
  • Link-building also increases the ranking score of competitive keywords.
  • Building trust in more websites that want to link to you.

You could get benefits from referral traffic if you do it right. Also, search engines can discover your website pages. Follow this article to learn more about link-building strategies. There are still Advanced SEO Techniques to Get Faster SEO Results

Tips For Effective Link-Building

Link-building is expensive to research for high-quality websites that are worth linking. Check out the tips below to understand link-building.

1. Relevance

Building backlinks from other websites should be relevant to your site. If you link content, pages, or websites unrelated to your website, Google will penalize you and take your website as spam.

You should spend some time analyzing all the available backlinks and building links that provide value to your readers. Building unrelated links will affect your website’s SEO and rankings on search engines.

When you write high-quality content, you will get relevant sites to drive traffic. These are contextual backlinks, your sites get more chances to rank better on Google.

 2. Website Authority

You need to check the domain authority of other websites before you approach them for backlinks. Getting backlinks from high domain authority sites can increase your ranking on search engine result pages.

Analyze the content and domain authority of the other websites then consider linking.

3. Quality Content

Offer quality content to get backlinks from other websites. Your content may be infographics, guides, blogs, etc. You need to write content that adds value to your visitors and meets the SEO guidelines and user intent. Content should be relevant to your websites. Otherwise, Google will penalize you.

4. Dofollow or Nofollow Backlinks

Two types of backlinks are available, do follow and no-follow backlinks. Both links are important in link-building and create different impacts on your website. The no-follow attribute indicates search engines do not follow the outbound links.

The do-follow links allow search engines to follow and increase the SEO value. Most digital marketers recommend do-follow links because they increase ranking on search engine results.

If you create high-quality content with no following links, it does not mean that you cannot get backlinks. A dofollow link is preferable for getting better results in link-building.

Link-Building Strategies To Use

You need to note that Google uses Pagerank, content, and backlinks for ranking factors. Google uses a Pagerank algorithm to measure the value of a website by analyzing the quality and quantity of backlinks. All marketers should need to identify the quality of backlinks.

1. Broken Link Building

Broken links are considered red flags to the success of all websites. It affects the ranking on search engines and increases the bounce rate of your website. Broken link building is a common SEO strategy for creating other website backlinks.

Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building

For building broken links, you need to search websites that relate to your niche that have broken links. If your content matches that website, you could reach out to the concerned person to approach them to get broken links.

You could reach them through email and let them know about your content. Make sure your email makes a trust to the site owner.


2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a powerful tool for creating backlinks from other high-authorized sites. Blogging is a form of content marketing where the authors publish content on other websites. There are lots of reasons for writers to contribute to another blog.

First, you need to identify a blog that is relevant to your business or website. Use guest post footprints to search for the websites on search engines. Check domain authority and page authority for all guest posting websites.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

Try to choose websites with high domain authority for guest post submissions. After choosing a website, you need to approach the person on that site and request them for guest blogging. List your topics for your guest blogging and explain their importance to them. If the site owner is convinced with your topic, you can start to write a post. Your content should be related to their blog and meet their guest posting guidelines.

When your content is not relevant to the blog, Google will penalize you. Before starting your content, you need to do wide research to get the target keyword and know the audience’s interest. Using guest posting techniques, you can obtain many do-follow links for free. Guest blogging is a purely white hat technique that helps to increase your domain authority faster. Although it is the most effective SEO strategy to grow healthy backlinks over time.

3. Resource Page Link Building

Resources pages are nothing but websites that link to other websites and provide high-quality content related to your niche. The primary purpose of that website is to provide value to the target audience.

It would help if you researched to start with resource pages. You could use footprints to discover links from Google like keyword +inurl: links. You could choose resource pages from search engine results that are suitable for you.

4. Manual outreach

Manual outreach is one of the link-building tactics that allows you to build thousands of backlinks to your website. You could start searching for guest posts accepting websites relevant to your niche. Next, reach out to the concerned person on that website and request them to guest post submission.

If you do not have your blog, you could get a backlink to relevant pages, services, or products on your website. There are several ways to reach out to the site owners. But the most common and best method is reaching through email.

Reach the most relevant sites with your niche to do effective outreach. You could also use tools for finding guest post websites. If you find the target websites, send personalized messages to site owners. While you write emails, start by acknowledging the author’s work and asking them to backlinks.


5. Publish High-Quality Content

The quality of the content is more significant for getting backlinks from other websites. While writing content using targeted keywords to meet the user’s intent. If other websites within your niche like your content there are more chances to link back to you without requesting.

Using targeted keywords in your content can improve a ranking score on search engine results. Putting effort into creating content that provides you a different edge and is more valuable to target audiences. Create content of a unique angle compared with other pages. You need to add some elements to your content,

  • Add images and screenshots
  • Put presentation slides
  • Use actionable information
  • Embed relevant videos

6. Analyze Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Always keep an eye on your competitors to know their backlinks strategy. Analyze your competitor’s website and make a list of their backlinks. This will save you time and money for spending to get relevant links. You could also use free tools like SEO Power Suite, SEMrush, and Ahref.

Analyze Your Competitors Backlinks
Analyze Your Competitor’s Backlinks

The information you get from tools helps you to find opportunities that could work for you as well. In particular, you could discover the target keywords of your competitors, topic, and content. Identify your challenger’s backlinks and approach website owners for guest post submissions. This method will save you time and increase your chances of getting more referral traffic.


7. Using Social Media

Social media has more than 3 billion users all over the world. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular platforms for expanding your business.

If you like to improve your organic online visibility, you could post your images, blogs, and brand content on social media platforms. Create the most engaging content to drive more traffic to your website.

8. Reclaimed Unlinked Mentions

Your name, brand, product, or app popup on a website or blog without being linked to your page is called reclaimed unlinked mentions. These unlinked mentions are easy manners for earring backlinks with other website owners who already know your content.

Keep on watching those sites is not easy, using tools like Ahrefs Content Explorer or SEMrush to help you find such websites. Reach the site owners and request them to add your link to their pages or mention it in their blogs. Also, you could ask them to link back to a specific page on your website.

Reclaiming unlinked mentions is the quickest method of link-building tactics. If your reclaimed sites have higher domain authority within the niche your website has more chances to increase the domain authority.

9. Update Content On Your Website

Updating website content is significant for link-building in SEO. Google regularly checks your content quality and backlinks for ranking. The Google algorithm removes low-quality, spamming content and also penalizes those websites.

Analyze your website to find the most engaging and well-performing content to update your content strategy. Your content is more valuable if you have more links in your blog, infographics, or pages.

After publishing content, reach out to the websites that are linking to and indicative of the changes.

10. Build Links From Community Sites

Building backlinks from community sites is another essential part of link-building techniques. Examples of community sites are Quora, Forums, Reddit, etc. You could build high-quality backlinks from community sites by taking part in the discussions.

If Quora users ask questions in community chat related to your niche, you can answer the question and provide your link to learn more.

Check out the most engaged community sites and participate in the Q&A sessions. If the questions are relevant to your website, leave your answer and links on that site.

11. Brand Awareness

Making a strong brand awareness on social media or any platform will attract other websites to link back to you. In addition, a well-known brand that rapidly comes to mind.

Building a brand presence makes other websites or blogs will give a backlink to your website without reaching you. If more sites provide backlinks to your website, it increases your credibility and search visibility on Google.


Link building is about making relationships with other websites to increase website traffic. Many ways are available for earning backlinks from high-authority sites. The benefits of getting backlinks are increasing your organic search traffic, website visibility, and referral traffic.

Acquiring hyperlinks from other sites can help audiences to discover your website. Use the above link-building strategies to increase organic traffic, conversion rate, and credibility of your website.



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