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Technical and Helpful SEO Features to get more Quality Traffic

This article will raise your awareness of Advanced SEO Strategies. If you want information about actionable SEO Features and Strategies that you can implement right away, then you are at the right place. 

All of these strategies have already been tested by the Marketing experts.

So Let’s Get Started!


Why is SEO Important?

Visibility on Search Engines:

Whenever a user searches a query on Google, they are most likely to click on one of the Top 5 results. SEO is what helps you rank higher on not only Google but other Search Engines like DuckGoGo, Bing, and Yahoo.

Growth from SEO:

The growth of any kind of digital business is highly dependent on SEO, as it is the key to getting organic traffic pretty much indefinitely. If you run a business, then learning SEO will be the diamond in a haystack for you.

SEO as Profession:

SEO is not only limited to online businesses, but it is also a profession and you can make an entire career out of it. 

People who run multiple businesses offer Freelance or Local SEO Experts reasonable pay to Optimize their website and help them rank on Google.

SEO Gains Web-Traffic:

SEO gains you a lot of website traffic if you use it well enough, it can help you promote your business without spending a single penny on Highly Paid Advertisements.


Must Needed SEO Features for your Website


UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience)

Your website should look professional. User Experience matters a lot, it increases Traffic Engagement. Overall gives the user a pretty solid first impression of the content available on your site.

Plus, You Never Get A Second Chance for your First Impression.

Your website should be responsive for all ordinary devices, whether someone visits from a Phone or a Laptop, their experience on your website should be outstanding. You may get some more information in forum and site like vietsn and so on

You can check your website’s performance with GTMetrix. which not only helps you improve the structure of your website but overall enhances the user experience.


Use of Keywords & Images

Using the right keyword for your Content can Double or even Triple the Traffic on your website is the basic SEO features, But that doesn’t mean you should stuff all the Keywords and write meaningless Content.

But, Where to Find Keywords?

There are countless amount of Keyword searching resources available out there, such as Moz Explorer, Ahrefs, Google Ads, and a lot more.


Rich Quality Content.

Find and Research on great topics over at Google Trends and Twitter.

Make sure to put your best into your content, and always stick to quality over quantity.


How can you benefit from SEO?

As we mentioned earlier, countless features come within SEO. Some of the very underrated and most effective strategies are stated down below for you to implement straight away.


Search and Use Less Competitive Keywords

Let’s say that you are running a startup and you are struggling, which is understandable. Then you should go for the Untouched or Less Competitive Keywords which allows you to make a place for yourself in the market. 

Why is it beneficial for you to go for less competitive keywords?

The odds of you outranking other huge competitors with millions of daily traffic on very competitive keywords are very low, No matter if you are running a startup or not. That’s why you should go for a low demanded keyword and have a better chance of ranking on the first page of Google Search.

In Short, Less Competitive Keywords are easy to rank on as compared to the Most Competitive Keywords. 

Spending days competing in Google Search against thousands of other Competitors with a non-desired outcome is not what you should be doing.


Optimize your Title and Content for better UX. (User Experience)

Google tracks the user traffic and automatically outranks Web-pages that are getting more clicks compared to others.

If your content is not what the Searchers want, Google will NOT rank you.

If you are a normal person lost in the crowd, people DON’T care about you, so you make sure you provide them what they DO care about and be the one that STANDS out.

How can I improve my Content for Better Rankings?

Following are some of the most effective ways to increase your traffic significantly.


Step 1. Catch the Viewer’s Eyes.

What will you do when you’re curious about something specific? Obviously, you will dive deep into its research straight away.

Make a Web-Page Title that Blows up Curiosity into the viewer’s mind.

Learn what the user demands, do a lot of research, and write a well-detailed article about it. 

Think of a title that catches the viewers’ eyes and makes them want to click. But don’t be clickbaity, because traffic alone is not going to help you Rank on Google.


Step 2. Write an Engaging Content for Traffic Engagement.

Google tracks the user’s Activity whenever someone Searches, Clicks, and How much time they spend on your site on their metrics. 

The more clicks, engagement, and 

Make sure that your content is very straight to the point because no one likes wasting their time, viewers will click away after scrolling for a few seconds.

Write content on trending topics of your industry with the help of Google Trends and find Great keywords with the Help of Ahrefs.

Use of Premium Stock Images, Examples, and the best possible delivery of the message in your content can take you to the absolute next level. 

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Sabeen Mir is a digital marketeer, blogger, and entrepreneur. He loves to write on topics like digital marketing, health, fitness, lifestyle and life hacks where he can share his experience and knowledge with others.


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