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Tips to Help You Pass the GED Math Test

Pass the GED Math Test and Scoring high in the math test requires meticulous planning and practice for even the most natural math-lovers. It is common knowledge that tutors emphasize daily routine and honing exam tricks to help calculate your answers better.

But how does the GED Math test differ? The best GED tutoring can give you a thorough insight into the workings behind every topic assessed in the test.

What is GED Math Test?

The GED, or General Education Development, is often considered as an alternative to high school. The student is assessed for their knowledge of high school subjects. The test is also taken by students who have not completed high school due to personal reasons or health conditions.

pass the GED Math Test
pass the GED Math Test

Our online GED tutoring program aims to bring out the best in the student through the various subjects. But despite the best training, the primary responsibility of the student and their guardians is to work closely with the GED math tutor. We have listed a few math-related tips that should help in demystifying the GED math test.


Understanding the GED Math Test Subjects

Planning your days leading up to the test would revolve mainly around four topics. Aside from trying to master these subjects, you must work with your tutor to know where your weaknesses lie. Only regular feedback and revision can help for a stellar performance. Like all tutors, we at Miles Smart Tutoring strongly believe that any student can improve with continuous practice and a passion for learning.


The four topics are,

  • Basic math

  •  This section tests the student’s ability to perform addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division with the help of a calculator. This would also include word problems that try topics like fractions, decimals, percentages, roots, and exponents.
  • Geometry

  • The geometry section commonly tests the student’s ability to use formulas that calculate surface area, volume, radius, the diameter of shapes given in the question.
  • Algebra

  • This section mainly revolves around the formation of formulas with variables and solving word problems or equations with variables. How to learn algebra | Easy Tips to Study Algebra
  • Graphs and functions

  • This usually includes analysis of information in graphs and charts. Problems revolve around the concepts of median, mean, mode, range, probability, and statistics.

If you are planning to enroll in an online GED tutoring program, you might notice that the structure of the GED tutoring subjects is shaped around these four subjects.

The topics influence the test-taking strategies and last-minute revision guides of these and aim to help students practice countless questions. This helps in being aware of the commonly tested sub-topics.

Preparing for the GED math test

Your GED math tutor has explained the topics that appear in this section and explained how your GED math tutoring would shape your understanding. So, what next?

As a student, it is natural to feel like some subjects would require more attention than others. Each student is unique when it comes to their topics of confidence that help them perform well.

Most questions that appear on the GED math test are fill-in-the-blanks, drop-down list answers, and multiple-choice questions. Achieving well during the test would require practice to ensure that these subjects are familiar to solve.

Once you have completed each practice exam, it is imperative to understand how to improve your weak subjects and ensure that your time management skills are sharpened.


It is also an added advantage that the student is not expected to memorize a list of formulas as the GED math test provides a set of formulas to be used during the exam. Calculators are to be familiarized with as an online calculator will be provided during the test.

All these necessary actions will become familiar only through a disciplined preparation plan and a cooperative learning environment. The earlier you start preparing for the math test, the better you perform.


Identifying the problematic areas of study

Our subject matter experts at Miles Smart Tutoring emphasize the importance of working closely with students to help assess the commonly tricky areas of the test.

The most difficult questions are often the ones that are unprepared for. Our GED math tutors find interactive ways to improve their scores during the practice tests by evaluating the student’s weaknesses and strengths.

Our online GED tutoring classes include activities that ensure that additional time is spent knowing how to manage these tricky subjects. Most students have excelled in the test when there is ample practice involved with timely feedback from the tutor.

The confidence to score high is always dependent on the initiative taken by the student to improve their skills actively. The motivation provided by these methods has proved to help reduce the difficulty faced by many while taking the GED math test.



Choosing an online GED tutoring service would be another factor that influences your performance. Miles Smart Tutoring guarantees improvement of performance and flexible study hours during your preparation.

Our award-winning tutoring services have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic dreams. Students can choose their tutor and schedule their online GED classes according to their schedule.

Enroll today to start preparing and to work with our in-house experts towards improving your mathematical skills!



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