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How to learn algebra | Easy Tips to Study Algebra

How to learn algebra has to be known to the student. Though learn algebra seems difficult, There are  Easy Ways to Study Algebra for the study.

What is Algebra?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with different symbols and rules for manipulating those symbols. Algebra has been the connecting center of all the fields of sciences. From mathematics to architecture, algebra has applications in many fields and thus is one of the very important courses.

Many kids struggle with algebra. The most prominent reason for that is that they have a fear of memorizing the formulas. Kids end up believing that they have to cram everything up that is given in their textbooks. They forget that the trick for every understanding begins at relating it with day-to-day activities.

Instead of learning the formulas, if you focus on understanding the underlying principle through practical applications, you will be able to make the most of it. Many kids fear algebra, but the key to soothing that fear is to find tricks to enjoy it.

Below are a few tips to avoid the pitfalls one may experience during their studies.

How to learn algebra Easy Tips to Study Algebra
How to learn algebra Easy Tips to Study Algebra

how to Learn Algebra?

Easy Ways to Study Algebra would make the kids very easy to go ahead. These are the Easy Tips to Study Algebra that will help to learn algebra.

  1. Understand the basics
  2. Remembering the rules
  3. Getting comfortable with number systems
  4. Show your work
  5. Practicing leads to perfection
  6. Taking care of infinities
  7. Distribution of the variables

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1. Understand the basics

We have learned addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in the junior grades. We may feel that we have grown the junior classes’ studies, but they are the foundation of our senior years. Hence, a set of understandings of basic mathematics straight.

One can solve equations if one cannot calculate sum or differences. Similarly, multiplication and division find their applications in various topics that one deals in higher grades.

Get your mind moving with solving puzzles. Make a pile of 5 apples, add another pile of 4 apples. Now calculate the total apples in the new pile. Or start playing by removing or adding other piles of different numbers of apples. You can perform many basic operations using such tricks. You can use apples, pencils, erasers, toys, etc. to add fun to these calculations.

The simple calculations help in solving the higher-order algebraic problems. Hence it is very important to make sure that you go through these operations’ basics and understand them properly.

2. Remembering the rules

Math may seem difficult, and rules may seem even more difficult to understand. But there are few rules which help you make any math problem easy. Once you realize how it breaks up the problem, you will enjoy using it in every problem.
One such rule is PEMDAS. Don’t get all confused with the name; these abbreviations help in memorizing the rule.

PEMDAS stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.
This is the order that shall be followed while solving an algebraic expression. It helps you break the problem into parts, which can then be solved using simple mathematical operations. It helps you make a problem manageable.

Here is an example with algebra questions of how to use PEMDAS.

Solve this expression:
11 + ( 9 / 3 – 2 ) 3 + 15/3 – 3 X 2

  • Step 1: Solve Parentheses
    9 / 3 – 2 = 3 – 2 = 1

The expression is now reduced to 11 + (1)3 + 15/3 – 3 X 2

  • Step 2: Solve Exponents
    (1)3 = 1

Resulting expression now is 11 + 1 + 15/3 – 3 X 2

  • Step 3: Solve Multiplication
    3 X 2 = 6
  • Step 4: Solve Division
    15/3 = 5

The resulting expression is 11 + 1 + 5 – 6

  • Step 5: Solve for Addition
    11 + 1 + 5 = 17The expression is now reduced to 17 – 6
  • Step 6: Solve for Subtraction
    17 – 6 = 11    This is the final answer.

Hence, with PEMDAS, we have broken a complicated problem into steps that are then easily solved.

You can easily apply this to solve many such equations in the algebra questions. It can also be used for solving algebraic equations with variables.

3. Getting comfortable with number systems

Math is made up of numbers and symbols. These numbers and symbols are then arranged into various combinations that make the equations, expressions, and various algebraic problems. Thus one of the most important steps towards developing an understanding of algebra is to get comfortable with the number system when you are with the How to learn algebra.

There are different sets of numbers like positive numbers, negative numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, natural numbers, whole numbers, real numbers, imaginary numbers, etc.

As we move into higher grades, we are introduced to more and more sets of numbers. For some kids, it may not be very clear to relate to all such different scales. But they form the basis of math. Hence it is advised to first understand how numbers work.

The most important among all these are negative numbers. Since this sign changes a lot many rules, it can confuse kids. Thus first understand what negative numbers are and how to represent them on the scale.

Then understand the rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division used for the negative numbers as algebra calculator.  Once you understand this, you can be positively comfortable with the negative numbers and it will be useful when using algebra formula.

4. Show your work

At the beginning of the classes, we sometimes get too excited and over-confident about our work. This may lead to solving questions without mentioning the steps that may occur in between. It is very important to write down all the steps in your solving space. This helps you in getting to the wrong step easily if you get the wrong answers.

It also helps to explain your doubts and your answers to others.  While preparing for tests or exams, we sometimes feel the need to visit the previously solved problems. you have done algebra questions by using an algebra calculator also.  So if you have the work arranged neatly in your notebooks, it gets easy for you to look and understand.
Thus make sure you show your work neatly in your notebooks for your reference and understanding.

5. Practicing leads to perfection

Math is not a theoretical subject consisting of rules, definitions, and theory. It is rather a subject of practical applications of mathematical theories. Thus to understand the subject, the most important step is to practice. You cannot get away with the concepts if you do not practice the problems. Math demands practice, a lot of practice. It makes you go through many questions and thus covers a wide array of problems giving you the confidence to face new ones for How to learn algebra.
Thus, make sure that you practice it at home whenever you are taught a new topic in the class. Complete your homework and practice a few additional problems from the same topic.

6. Taking care of infinities

Math is an endless ocean of numbers. Thus infinities are also accountable. The first trick to make sure you do not get stuck around infinities or do not get an insolvable expression is to never divide a number by zero.
Zero means nothing. Thus, we can never divide anything by nothing. Consider it as a sacred word of the holy book of math. And hence the rule to remember is ” NEVER DIVIDE BY ZERO.”

7. Distribution of the variables

First of all, never get scared of the symbols or the variables. These are the parts of math which, when handled carefully, solve all the problems. Thus familiarize yourself with the symbols and variables used in the expressions.
Once you get the hang of understanding the algebraic expressions, understand the variables’ distribution over the equations. It is a very common mistake that is done during the manipulation of the expression. This results in wrong answers and hence wastes your time unnecessarily.

For example,
Distribute (x+y)2
Now the most common mistake done by kids is:
(x+y)2 = x2 + y2
The correct distribution of this exponent is:
(x+y)2 = x2 + 2xy + y2

These are common mistakes but impact the solutions very much. Hence always get the concepts right and understand the distribution of exponents, variables, etc. while solving the equations.


Algebra is a sea of formulas, numbers, rules, and expressions. Practicing is the key to mastering this subject. Algebra requires the understanding of numbers as well as the understanding of basic rules. Remembering factorization, distributions, PEMDAS, etc. are basic ones that help students in the long run too. Hence instead of getting scared, start practicing. This subject bridges the understanding of many other principles.

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