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How to Keep Your Bengal Handloom Saree as Good as New?

Several ways to Keep Your Bengal Handloom Saree good as well as new-looking always. Here are the steps to follow to keep them intact.

Are you a handloom saree connoisseur who’s looking for ways to keep your exquisite collection for life?

The six yards that originated in the Indian subcontinent have cut across different age groups. Women love stocking their closets with sarees from different parts of India, reiterating the culture and ethos. There are so many ways of draping a saree, whether it is for regular use or occasional wear.

For one thing, a Bengal handloom saree is a must-have for different occasions, whether festive or casual. But what has descended across ages also requires proper maintenance, right? Are you curious to know how to keep the handloom sarees glowing for years? Here is what you must remember.

Things to keep in mind for Bengal Handloom Saree

  • Before you plan to buy Bengal cotton saree online, always remember that washing the saree with a mild detergent helps prevent damage. However, you still may give it for dry washing.
  • When you wash the saree at home, do not hang it on a metal hanger for drying as it may leave a permanent stain on the fabric.
  • Do not hang the sarees under direct sunlight as it may cause the color to fade.
  • Applying direct heat when ironing the saree may weaken the material.
  • Finally, you must avoid storing the saree in damp places where moths and other insects may feed on the material.

The handloom saree from Bengal is an heirloom not only for the color but also for beautiful designs and attractive prints. One of the worst fears is dropping curry on your favorite attire. Hold on! Do not use water but scrape off remnants of the food particles to weaken the stain.

How to Wash Bengal Handloom Saree at Home?

Wondering whether the hand block print saree can be washed at home? Sure, you can go ahead with home washing but all you need to remember are the following techniques.

  • Soak the saree in salt water for some time to allow it to lose its raw colors, but do not soak it for long as the color may fade.
  • Rinse the fabric in cold water for some time and use a mild detergent to wash the saree.
  • Make sure you remove traces of the detergent completely from your printed saree online.
  • For washing the saree at home, be sure to execute the entire task in cold water to allow the color to stay intact.

How to Remove Stains from the Handloom Saree:

No matter how much you try to keep the saree stain-free, there are times when you may stain the fabric accidentally. What if you stain the saree suddenly? Here are the hacks you may follow.

  • Dip the material in petrol and wipe the stain away with ease.
  • If you fail to get petrol, you may sprinkle some amount of talcum powder after which you can rub it off with ease.
  • For lipstick stains, you may rub some solvent on the stain and wash it off with ease.
  • For tough stains, you may use professional help.

Good Practices for Keeping the Fabric Intact:

If you want to know what keeps the fabric of Bengal Handloom Saree in the best condition, take a look below for the best tips.

  • Do not apply deodorants or perfumes directly to the saree.
  • While you need to use moth repellants to ensure that insects do not feed on the fabric, try to put them around the attire and avoid direct contact.
  • Do not wash the saree too frequently as it may lose its shine, so try to dry it fully after every wear.
  • If you sweat profusely, it may stain your saree badly; while you may not be able to control sweating, the best option is to give it to dry cleaning.

Want your favorite handloom saree to last for years?

You see, it is not a daunting task! Apart from washing, drying, and removing the stains, you need to store them in the right place. Try to keep the saree hanging and keep each one at a short distance from the other.

Changing the saree folds frequently prevents creases and wear and tear. The handloom saree in your wardrobe is much like the sinful temptations.

So, make sure you do your bit to keep the precious possession intact. Dora By Phoenix is one of the most emerging saree boutiques in Kolkata offering a wide range of Bengal handloom saree collections. Make sure you check their collections and maintain them properly to take pride in your styles.

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