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How to grow Instagram Following ?

Learn how to grow Instagram following and engage your audience. Get more likes, views and followers to your Instagram account to make top Instagram following .  Here are some simple, fast ways to  increase your Instagram following .

Instagram is an app where people share photos and videos. It’s a brilliant platform to grow one’s social network, business, or service. It is one of the most popular social network apps today with at least 1.4 billion users just this year. There is more to Instagram than just sharing photos to keep in touch with your loved ones. Instagram is a way to make oneself marketable and more appealing to your employers.

These days it might be easy to buy your way to fame by buying followers, likes, and even comments. But, if you are running a business or providing any service you want your account to engage with real people and not just ghost accounts. Even if you buy your way to Instagram fame, it will be difficult to keep up that financial burden of constantly buying engagement on your page. Real engagement requires real people.

You can also increase your Instagram following with quality and attractive content. “The best way to grow an audience is to produce great content,” says Instagram account owner Lisa Koken.

By following some simple tips, below,  you can also grow Instagram following from a couple of hundred followers to tens of thousands of followers and more

1.   Make Your Bio Accessible

Instagram Bio to grow followers
Instagram Bio to grow followers

 The very first thing someone sees when they open your Instagram account is your profile picture and your bio. Your Bio is a summary of yourself or your business under your profile picture. This acts as your very first engagement with your audience. Setting up the right bio is instrumental in how much engagement is on your page and even if you are discovered in the first place.

Increase Instagram Following by Insta Bio

  • Making your Bio accessible is important. It helps to grow Instagram Following in decent manner . There are ways to make yourself rank higher in the SEO i.e., a website’s position in the search engine’s results.
  • You can capitalize your name in your bio, which has shown results affecting an account’s SEO. Instead of just keeping your name, you can put the service or business you are offering. Putting words like ‘Tutor’ or ‘Fitness Instructor’ can help you be visible to people who are searching for these businesses. You can now be visible to people who don’t personally know you.

Make sure you are making the most of your Instagram Bio. It is your first point of contact and a precious opportunity that can make you rank higher in Instagram searches.

2.   Write Relatable Captions

 When we think about why someone might pause and look at your post, it can be obvious to say that the picture or the video was good. But, what most people don’t think about are the captions. It can be tempting to simply put a random emoji or a song lyric in the captions, but you must realize that captions are another way to spark engagement in your posts.

Treat your captions as starting conversations with people. Some might even treat their captions like a mini blog. By writing things in captions that might relate to your audience, you can stay connected with your followers.

Any Day, you get or conversations you start due to your captions also counts as engagement. Making long-term connections with your followers is another way to establish your account. Especially, if your account is for a business, private conversations are very important in making strong bonds and establishing life-long customers.

Cultivating relationships with real people is your strongest lead when it comes to building a following. Make sure your captions reflect your ideas and beliefs that people might connect with and have the urge to make a connection with you.


3.   Add Relatable Hashtags

 Hashtags are an important aspect of someone’s Instagram account and its one of the ways to top Instagram following . They help people to discover you and length your reach. They help categorize your content into specific topics so people who are interested in those topics can find you. When people search under certain keywords like sports, and food, they can discover related accounts.

A problem with hashtags is that we see people using very big, generic hashtags. Putting tags like #buisness or #success in your post will guarantee that your post will disappear from the explore page in mere seconds. Because they are so commonly used there will be thousands of posts related to these tags appearing every second.

What you can do to stand out in your community is to do hashtag research and find out small to medium hashtags for your niche community. Hashtag sizes can differ. For example, tags with less than 50 thousand posts are considered small hashtags, and posts over 500 thousand posts are very big hashtags and should generally be avoided. Can you imagine your post standing out from a sea of 500 thousand other similar posts?

You should focus on small to medium hashtags to increase your chances of staying on people’s explore pages longer and finding communities with a more loyal following that will search for these tags and follow similar accounts.

Pro tip! How to grow Instagram Following

  • Don’t use the same hashtags over and over. Rotate your hashtags so that Instagram doesn’t think you are spam and decrease your reach.


4.   Engage with Other People

 It might seem obvious that if you want more engagement on your page, you need to make the effort to engage with other accounts and other people. But, it is more important than one thinks. When you engage with someone else, Instagram makes note that your type of content is what the other person wants to see and promotes your content more to that person.

Community engagement can be a long and time-consuming process but if you put in the energy, your posts will receive a lot more activity. This is one of the most important tips while growing your page organically. You could use a bot to engage with other accounts but in doing so you lose the real, genuine connection you could make with people.

A hack that you can use to make community engagement a lot easier is to follow a lot of hashtags you like. Following these hashtags will allow Instagram to show you content from people that you are not following yet. Interacting with new people will thus again further your reach.

Beside above tips, there are certain other approach to make your insta profile grow like placing Instagram Widget for website  , Buying Instagram Followers and Likes . They can bring more traffic and help to grow more.

The bottom lines

Ultimately to make a make on Instagram is to know your audience. By reaching the right people, you make connections and thus greatly increase and grow Instagram Following .

These above simple tips are gathered from real-life influencers who have built up their accounts from scratch. So, following these easy tips will shoot your Instagram account to high numbers.




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