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The Complete Free SEO Checklist For 2021

Free SEO Checklist helps you in various ways, make the right decisions at the right time, get the suitable backlinks, get listed on the first page of Google, and much more.

The most important part of SEO is to rank well in Google search engine rankings. This is possible only if you give proper attention to keyword research and optimization and perform appropriate link-building techniques and do Link exchange for SEO to get backlinks to your site.

SEO Checklist provides a step-by-step process of building link popularity, identifying popular keywords, building backlinks, writing content for your site, getting high Google page speed, and understanding the complete free SEO Checklist framework. SEO Checklist enables you to achieve all these things effectively.

The Complete Free SEO Checklist For
The Complete Free SEO Checklist For 2021

Technical Free SEO Checklist

Set Up Google Search Console

Google Search Engine Optimization is a must for all businesses online, whether small or large. SEO is not a one-time investment but a long-term commitment to generate a high level of traffic by staying on top of the trends on Google, especially with the help of Google Search Console for a website.

Through this SEO tool, you can view your website’s current rankings, view the keyword trends, understand the complexities of backlinking and monitoring, and get expert advice from experts on optimizing your website and its content.


Set Up Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics for your SEO needs is not difficult and is relatively simple. The first step in setting up Google Analytics for your SEO needs is to go to your Google Analytics account and create a username and password. You will need to confirm this step before moving on to the next step.

Once you complete all steps, you will be able to navigate around your Google Analytics account. If you are unfamiliar with Google’s analytics program, you can find many tutorials that walk you through the process step-by-step.


Install SEO Plugin

If you are using WordPress or any content management system (CMS) for your website. Your website should have an SEO plugin installed and configured for proper functionality and features that you need to optimize your site correctly. This is also part to learn in Free SEO Checklist

SEO Pugin works by sending constant updates to your website, allowing for your website to gain more visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so forth. Using SEO Pugin will increase the number of visitors that go to your website each day without paying any money for it.

SEO Pugin improves your website’s rank by checking the quality of the links to your website, ensuring that you get as many backlinks as possible, which will enhance your website’s SEO ranking and help you gain more visitors.

Generate and Submit A Sitemap

Search engines use XML Sitemap for a website to evaluate your website’s SEO performance. It is considered as the foundation of an efficient Sitemap. Sitemaps are nothing but listings of web pages on the internet. They serve as a reference for both crawler and the spider that index and access all these web pages from the search engines.

The XML Sitemap for SEO is a crucial aspect. This is because your site must access all the links that it needs to improve its overall SEO performance. If you cannot make this happen, then your site could end up getting penalized and blacklisted.

The XML Sitemap for a website can help in the process of making all these things happen, as well as serving as the basis for other important aspects of your SEO. For more information on the benefits of using the XML sitemap for SEO, you may visit the site cited below.

Keyword Research Checklist

Keyword research for website optimization is an essential part of your overall SEO efforts. It’s a great way to determine the most effective keywords to bring the most organic traffic to your website.

Using competitors’ keywords to target your keywords is one of the best ways to improve your SEO efforts. You can also use this data to see where you may need to change your current website strategy.

The process of keyword research for website optimization isn’t easy and requires a lot of thought. There are millions of keywords in existence, and choosing which ones you’ll want to target and use for your site can be mind-boggling.

Fortunately, there are tools and systems available to make doing it much more manageable, which is essentially a powerful software tool for finding profitable keywords. If you find a good one, you’ll be able to save hours doing something you enjoy.

Once you’ve created content around those keywords, you can then optimize pages and articles to get those keywords into the content and meta-tags of your pages and articles.

Among all, keyword research and analysis is in This free SEO checklist is crucial. Doing so will give your site a better chance of being found in the search engines when someone searches for those keywords.


Using HTTPS for website

HTTPS uses SSL to create a secure virtual connection between a web server and a user’s browser. When you go to a site with an HTTPS site, your information stays encrypted throughout the entire process.

This Blocks hackers to intercept your information and put you at risk of identity theft and other online frauds. It is 2021, and HTTPS is a ranking factor since 2014.

Check Duplicate Versions Of Your Site In Google’s Index

It is crucial to allow Google to indexer index one version of your site . one of the strongest part of the Free SEO Checklist for the google index

Above mentioned, all versions are different for indexers and should all point to a single one. No matter what you choose, a non-www or www version, but the most common one is All your website versions should redirect to the primary one by 301 redirects.


Improve Your Website Speed

In today’s competitive world, it is vital to find out specific techniques to improve website speed that has been gaining popularity on the web. If you are running a business website, then you need your site to perform at its best.

For your site to perform better, you must ensure that your site is found by a search engine and by other people who are searching for information on the subject matter of your business. Also, website speed plays a significant role in the ranking factor.


In Nutshell

Enjoy this free SEO Checklist in 2021. There are many aspects to be considered when optimizing a website. However, with the help of Google SEO Checklist, you can cut to the chase and get straight to the nitty-gritty of how to optimize your site.

To be certain that you left no stone untouched in making a thorough and efficient SEO checklist for you, tap on a digital marketing consultant or SEO strategy team to lend his experience to your project.



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