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Top 3 things every gentleman should have in his closet

every gentleman should have in his closet. Once a wise man said that Fashion is temporary but style is eternal. He was so right, every year tons of new fashion trends come and go, the only thing that remains is a Man’s personal style.

There are hundreds and thousands of men’s clothing items like men jackets, trench coats, suits, sweatshirts, and hoodies loaded in every men’s brand you visit. This huge number of latest men items sometimes make you confuse which item is important to buy and which is not. 

Top things every gentleman should have in his closet
Top things every gentleman should have in his closet

Fashion doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your savings on shopping for the latest fashion items. But trust me you can also maintain your style while using 5-6 top men’s clothing items. The key is “Mix and match”. You need to learn how to mix and match a few clothing items to create a new look every day. 


In the article below I have selected the top 3 things every gentleman should have in his closet. Let’s have a look at them. 

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A simple White Shirt: 

The simple white T-shirt is the most important clothing item for every man. Since you can pair it up with other things to create both formal and casual looks. I don’t think so there is any clothing item that doesn’t go with a simple button-down white T-shirt.

A white T-shirt is comfortable and easy to carry. You can take it with you if planning to travel for a business tour or even for holidays. 

Following are the top 3 ways to style up your simple white Shirt. 

  1. Pair it up with simple Blue/black jeans. Keep a few buttons from the top open, to create a casual look. It’s a perfect look for daily hangouts, shopping, and a walk with your loved ones. 
  2. Pair a white shirt with a formal black shirt and a black blazer. Use a tie and a pocket square and you are all set to attend a formal business meeting or a business dinner. 
  3. If it’s getting cold, worry not take out your brown/black men’s jackets and style it up with a white T-shirt. 

A denim Jacket: 

A denim jacket is a type of Men’s jacket that is not going out of fashion anytime soon. A denim jacket is a clothing piece that is perfect to create different casual and street style looks. Denim jackets come in various different colors like blue, green, black, and also in popping colors like yellow and pink. But the only must-have color is a blue denim jacket. A blue denim jacket goes with every clothing item. Below are the 3 best looks you can create using a denim jacket. 


  • Pair a denim jacket with a simple plain white T-shirt and jeans to create a super casual look. This look is perfect for daily hangouts, parties with friends, and even for university students. 
  • A denim jacket looks perfect with a sweatshirt as well. If the weather is getting cold, take out a pair of sweatshirts and pair it up with your denim jacket. 
  • A little accessory with a denim jacket can also add so much style. Try wearing a hand band, a neck scarf, or sunglasses to rock this look even with more style. 


A navy Suit: 

When it comes to formal events, it is very important to have a formal suit. I would suggest all men reading my article here go for a navy suit. A black suit is quite common, that’s why I am in favor of navy suits. The other reason is, it is very easy to style a navy suit. Navy suits come in different styles and fabrics. Many big brands are also offering these suits at very reasonable prices. If you want to grab one, the best time to shop at the yearly sales. 


A navy suit is perfect for the venets like a wedding, a birthday party,  a reception party, a business dinner, a formal presentation and the list is long. Following are a few ways to style a navy suit. 


  1. The First Option is to try it out with a simple white button Shirt. Also, you can go for a light blue formal shirt as well. 
  2. Try a good color tie and pocket square with a navy suit. You can go for a red tie ( if its wedding reception) or for skin, off white tie ( for formal meetings) 
  3. Take out a pair of brown or black under a navy suit. 


Wrapping up: 

From the tons of men’s clothing pieces like men’s jackets, t-Shirts, trousers, jeans and etc, Here are the top 4 best clothing items every gentleman should have in his closet. What do you think are the most necessary men’s clothing things? Do share your thoughts and comments with us in the comment section below. 

That’s all. 




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