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How to Choose to Buy a Blender ?

How to Choose to Buy A Blender. A blender with many uses such as grinding fruits, vegetables, and porridge for babies. It is a powerful assistant for housewives in the kitchen of each family. So before deciding to buy a blender for yourself, what should be noted?

How to Choose to buy a blender
How to Choose to buy a blender

Know-How to Choose to buy a blender

The following points are to be considered while you going to buy a blender. These points will help you a lot in order to choose the proper type of blender.

1. Types of Blenders

Following are the types of blenders we can find in the market.  The first and also quite an important factor when deciding to buy a blender is which blender to buy. Currently, on the market, there are 3 popular types of blender:

  1. Ordinary Blender
  2. Multipurpose Blender
  3. Hand Blender

1. Ordinary blender:

Ordinary blender is a popular blender and is chosen by many and most of the customers to buy. This blender machine has a desktop design and comes with a large capacity mill to grind fruits and vegetables.

This makes a smoothie and 1 – 3 small jars attached (depending on the model) to grind dry seeds like pepper, and spices This type of blender is suitable for families who only need to grind fruits and vegetable tubers. or grind dry seeds, regular spices


2. Multi-Purpose Blender:

The versatile juicer also includes a machine body but with many other accessories such as many blades, and many types of jars to grind, press, and squeeze. This type of juicer serves a variety of family needs from juicing, squeezing oranges, blending or grinding nuts, and grinding meat.

Multipurpose type of blender
Multipurpose type of blenders

3.  Hand blender:

Hand Blender is a blender with a long cylindrical body, when using it, press the button in the hand and press the button on the machine body and proceed to grind food in a jar, or in any bowl or cup.

hand blender type
hand blender type

It Comes with a regular hand blender will be given an extra cup to grind, some models can also beat eggs, grind dry seeds.  This machine is easy to clean, does not take up a lot of areas, suitable when traveling, especially with metal rolling machines that can grind hot porridge so it is suitable for families with small children.

2. Capacity of Blender

If you only grind soft foods you can choose a small capacity blender (Under 300 W), to save electricity and still use it effectively. For machines with low capacity, you should cut fruits, tubers . before grinding to ensure the durability of the machine.

If you want to grind more hard nuts, grind small stones (crush the ice before putting it in the blender), you should choose a larger capacity from 300 W or more.

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3. Material of mill

Currently, the popular blender material for a blender is made of plastic or glass.

Plastic: The advantages are light but easy to scratch, and after a long time of use may be cloudy if you store it badly.
Glass: The advantage is less odor, easy to clean, durable and beautiful, but a bit heavy and fragile. So when grinding you should be very careful.

4. Some other utilities

Today, for the convenience of users, many manufacturers also integrate a number of conveniences when buying you may be interested in such as:

  • Non-slip base: Helps the machine firmly grip the tabletop, and limits vibration during grinding.
  •  Auto-disconnect when overloaded: When operating continuously for a long time, the machine is hotter than the specified temperature of the manufacturer, or you grind too much food at the same time . the machine will shut itself off to ensure safety for users, limit electric shock, fire.

The machine has a stuffing button with a Pulse or P symbol: it helps the food to be mixed evenly when grinding, and users can use this function to clean the machine after use.

5. Trademarks

To have a blender that ensures quality, durability, and safety you should choose to buy products from well-known brands in the market and buy at reputable electronics supermarkets.

  • – Some cheap but still quality blenders you can choose from Pensonic, Sunhouse, Comet, Delites
  • – Some mid-range brands can buy such as Happycook, Tefal, Bluestone
  • – More advanced can choose: Philips, Braun, Panasonic

Hope with some of our suggestions today. You will choose a blender like the best! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to share them in the comment box below the article!



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