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Are Testosterone Pellets Actually Effective: A Guide Explaining Everything

Are you someone who wants to gather all the deets about testosterone pellets? You have come to the right page.

At present, a number of medical experts have been discussing and promoting the perks of testosterone replacement therapy. According to them, administering the hormone in a form of pellet, injection or a gel can help the patient avoid symptoms of low testosterone. The symptoms of low testosterone include the below mentioned.

  1. Loss of energy
  2. Hair loss
  3. Sluggishness
  4. Not able to get an erection
  5. Muscle mass reducing
  6. Depression
  7. IrritationĀ 
  8. Increase in body fatĀ 

Because of testosterone pellets, one can easily get rid of these symptoms in no time. Nevertheless, before getting started, it is very important to gather all the details about testosterone pellets. Only then moving further with the process makes sense. So what exactly are testosterone pellets and what all comes along?

Explaining Testosterone Pellets

According to the experts, the procedure of testosterone pellets is a form of hormone replacement therapy. The pellets are about a grain size and are implanted by a doctor under the skin of a patient. The doctor performing the therapy is basically highly trained and well qualified which is why no one has to worry about anything. The therapy is performed under strict supervision in a comfortable environment. Coming back to the pellets, they consist of crystalized testosterone and take immense pride in delivering a low yet steady dose to the patient for upto six months at one single time. However, the therapy also comes with some side effects and risks.

Risks and side effects of testosterone pellets

Even though testosterone pellets provide benefits, the procedure also brings along both side effects and risks which by the way can be harmful for some medical conditions. Let us discuss the side effects of the therapy first.

The side effects of testosterone replacement therapy includes the following:

  1. Acne
  2. Increase in the red blood cells
  3. Oily skin
  4. Fluid retention
  5. Urine stream reduction
  6. Urination again and again
  7. Reduced sperm count
  8. Sleep apnea
  9. Swelling of the tissue in the chest
  10. Smaller testicle size

The risks of testosterone replacement therapy includes the following:

  1. Prostate cancer
  2. Heart attack
  3. Other heart diseases

Testosterone replacement therapy also comes with certain medical risks that consist of the below mentioned.

  1. Wrong dosage
  2. Insertion infection
  3. Pellets coming out of the skin

Taking testosterone supplements might help according to some people but let us tell you it clearly disrupts the ability of the body to prepare new testosterone. In simple words, this means that if someone stops taking testosterone supplements, they may not feel good and their body might not be able to prepare testosterone any further.

The Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about testosterone pellets. Now that you have all the information, it is time to make a move. Contact a doctor and discuss your medical condition with them. Let them examine your condition and then recommend testosterone replacement therapy. Contacting a doctor counts because they are the master in the field. They know what will be suitable for the patients which is why you can expect a genuine solution from them.



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