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Revolutionizing Fitness- How Is AI Proving to Be a Better Fitness Coach?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most essential technical advancements we are witnessing. And you know what’s even more interesting? It is how AI is transforming the fitness industry as of now!

Gymtimidation, or the fear of getting into a gym, is for real! Many people fear the idea of joining a gym due to the crowded space and fear of judgment. However, the future of fitness is here and AI has a major role to play.

This blog brings to you a detailed impact of AI in fitness plans. This will help you understand a new perspective on fitness and how AI is helping in this new journey.

Is AI The Better Fitness Coach?

AI-powered fitness applications and devices have already taken the market by storm. And what’s surprising is, that they are receiving quite a lot of demand! This shows that more and more people are switching to AI-powered fitness apps than getting a gym membership!

Now, the question that arises is, is AI the better fitness coach as of today? Let’s look at some of the revolutionary things that AI has brought about in the fitness realm that’s enticing users across the world-

1.     Customized Workout Plans

AI-powered fitness applications have taken the “carry your fitness coach in your pocket” slogan a little too seriously! Just download any of these applications on your smartphone, and you’re all set to sail on your fitness journey with amazing fitness hacks.

These applications make use of data like your personal goals, your level of fitness, and your preference for workouts, and create a tailored workout plan for you! So, you don’t have to wonder about the gym thinking about what workout to do next!

2.     Feedback And Form Correction

Picture this. You got yourself a pair of dumbbells to work out at home. But now you suddenly realize that your form is not up to the mark! And continuing like this would cause injuries! What can you do then?

AI-powered apps are here for the rescue! These applications can act as virtual fitness coaches and give you feedback on your form. Some of these applications even make use of video analysis. This helps them spot your movements and suggest necessary corrections in your posture. Such features make sure your form is correct and you make the most out of every workout without the risk of an injury.

3.     Free From Monotonous Workout Routines

Another vivid instance of AI revolutionizing the fitness industry is that you don’t get to follow the same monotonous workout routine for days and months! AI algorithms can track your progress and adjust your workout plans accordingly.

The main idea of building muscle is to leave the comfort zone. And AI-powered fitness apps are delivering this commitment quite successfully. It can introduce new exercises to your routine, help increase the difficulty level of each workout, recommend different activities for a holistic approach to fitness, and make it a fun activity.

4.     Progress Trackers

Progress trackers are instances of how artificial intelligence in the fitness industry is revolutionizing the realm in and out! AI-powered apps and devices collect data from your workout plans and help track your progress in the journey. They can show how far you’re from achieving your goals with the help of statistical figures like charts and graphs.

Not only that, but AI can also motivate you like no other personal trainer can ever do! You’ll receive constant updates on your progress, along with personalized encouragement and achievement rewards! These act like motivating factors and drive you to get out of bed and engage in workout sessions every day!

AI And The Future Of Fitness

The future of the fitness industry is closely intertwined with AI usage. Because of the plethora of customization plans that these AI apps deliver, people can now work out whenever they like, wherever they want, and follow customized plans for a better progression in their fitness journey.

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