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6 Reasons Why Greater Nepal is Possible

Reasons Why Greater Nepal is Possible is a hot cake topic for Nepal and India. The concept of greater nepal is emerging day by day . we should know more about Greater nepal 

What is greater Nepal?

Greater Nepal is that the concept of real and united Nepal before the Sugauli treaty which is that current Nepal extending the border from Sikkim-Jalpaiguri within the east and goes up to Sutlej within the west. the war history of greater Nepal boundary of Nepal is being unification king Prithivi Narayan Shah 
Reasons Why Greater Nepal is Possible
6 Reasons Why Greater Nepal is Possible

 What included in Greater Nepal?

In comparison to the present area of Nepal, it’s 60 percent more land territory that belongs to Nepal is occupied by India. It is about 105000 km square of land. The sugauli treaty was done with East India Company of British who colonized India at that time. Today currently India as a big country denies all these facts showing the power it has been a threat that Nepal couldn’t claim these lands for long history.   Lots of facts and evidence are there that the greater Nepal is possible. 

Here we present the

6 Reasons Why Greater Nepal is Possible? 

1) Consistent with international laws, if a treaty is signed under threat, it’s is void. So, the sugauli treaty is void.
2) International laws say that if there’s the absence of any of the signatories, the treaty is void.
3) There’s no British East India company now (after 1947). Treaty was done with East India Compay, not with India,  therefore the land is, legally, of Nepal.
4) Albeit the Sugauli treaty exists, the land remains Nepal’s, legally. because the term “in perpetuity” means something is taken for a lease/rent and therefore the same term is employed for the territories of Nepal within the sugauli treaty.
5) The  most aim of the treaty of 1950 signed between U.K. and Nepal was to return the land of Nepal
which the Ranas didn’t bother to concentrate on British.
6) The next treaty signed in 1950 between Nepal and India states that each one of the treaties signed between Nepal and the Malay Archipelago before that day was nullified.
So, the sugauli treaty is additionally nullified.
Hence, places like Nainital, Kumaon, Garhwal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, terai parts up to Allahbad within the south must be returned to Nepal.
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