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What are the advantages of the S pass work permit?

Are you aware of the advantages of the S pass work permit. Through the years Singapore has always offered the best job opportunities that you can find. Singapore-based companies offer job positions that can cater to all kinds of skill sets.

There are jobs that are intended for professionals and there also jobs for mid-skilled workers. These jobs can be acquired if you have a work visa.

These jobs come from the many different businesses that are present in Singapore. Singapore has always been known to have one of the best and most successful economies in the globe. Its laws and policies make it easy for business corporations to conduct operations here. 

However, since Singapore is a relatively small country, the demand for labor from the business entities cannot be met by just locals. This is why Singapore is lenient when issuing a work visa to interested foreign individuals.

What are the advantages of the S pass work permit
What are the advantages of the S pass work permit

There many types of work visas that a candidate can apply for. If you are a foreign professional then you can apply for an employment pass. While the S pass work permit is intended for mid-skilled individuals. There many advantages to both kinds of work visas and it is important to know these before applying. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of the s pass work permit. 

Visa for family members

Most people who want to relocate also want their families to be with them. This is why the Singaporean government also offers visas to family members of foreign individuals. If you are an S pass work permit holder, you can apply for a visa for your family. 

S pass work permit holders who are earning at least $6,000 monthly have the right to secure a visa for their family members. The visa that will be issued is the dependant pass or long-term visit pass.

This type of visa will be issued to legally married spouses and their unmarried children under 21 years old. This pass is valid for up to 2 years. The employer of the S pass holder is the one responsible to apply for the family members. It can be done together when applying for the s pass work permit or separately after. We will be even allowed to work in Singapore as per the requirements.

While a long-term visit pass is usually issued to common-law spouses. Unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old and unmarried stepchildren below 21 years old are also issued long-term visit passes. 

Medical insurance

Another important thing if you want to work overseas or away from your country of origin is medical insurance. This is important because this can protect you and help you when health issues arise. In Singapore S pass work permit holders are eligible and entitled to medical insurance from their employer. It is important to note that not all kinds of work visa holders are entitled to this kind of benefit. 

Low salary requirement

Since the S pass work permit is intended for mid-skilled workers the salary requirement is also relatively lower than the other work visa. Examples of mid-skilled workers are flight attendants truck drivers waiters bartenders and taxi drivers. 


Aside from a low salary requirement, Singapore is also more lenient when it comes to academic credentials. Although a university degree is more preferred Singapore considers and allows training certificates. As long as the certificate is 1 year of full-time academic study and is relevant to the job then Singapore allows it. 

Open for renewal

The S pass work permit is also open for renewal. This work visa is valid for up to two years after being issued. It can be extended for up to three years when no offenses or bad records have been made during the first two years. It is also the employer’s responsibility to renew the visa for the individual. 

Can be eligible for permanent residency

Another important benefit of the S pass work permit is that it can be upgraded to a permanent residency after a significant amount of time. When your visa is upgraded to permanent residency then you can enjoy more benefits as a Singaporean resident. You can even apply for a permanent residency for your family members. 


Other types of work visa

Employment pass

If the S pass work permit is for mid-skilled workers, the employment pass is intended for professionals. One of the requirements that an individual should meet is having a job offer in any Singaporean registered company.

They should be earning at least $4500 at the date of their application for this type of work visa. They should also have a good university degree since this work visa is for professionals. Older candidates are also required to have a higher salary and more experienced that are related to the JOB.

Just like the S pass work permit, employment pass holders are also eligible to bring their families to Singapore. The same type of visa is issued to their family members. 


Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to get a visa in Singapore. If you are a foreign entrepreneur with a business involving technological innovations or is venture-backed, you are eligible for the EntrePass.

There are no minimum salary requirements as long as the details of the business are submitted. A foreign individual can also apply directly for this type of visa. Anyone can apply as long as the business has not been registered for more than six months. If the said business is not yet registered then it can be done after this type of visa has been issued. 

Personalized employment pass

The personalized employment pass is also intended for high-ranking professionals. However, It requires a higher salary from foreign candidates. If you are already an employment pass holder then you are eligible for this type of pass as long as you are already earning $12,000 monthly. Foreign individuals who are still working abroad but are already earning $18,000 monthly can also directly apply for this type of pass. 

One benefit of this type of work visa is that they can work in any sector in Singapore. They can also change jobs without having to apply for a new type of permit. The Singaporean government only requires them to inform agencies when changing employers. 

Apply today

If you want to explore more and no the possibilities in Singapore,  then applying for a work visa is the first step. RenAi Group can help you get started with your application. Contact us right away to learn more about your choices.



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