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How to Speed Up Old Laptop ? Easy Tips and Tricks To Know

Speed up old laptop is to be known. Most of us have an old laptop and with time due to new technology and newer updates, your old laptop speed may be the major problem for you. So, if Is your old laptop’s speed diminishing, this is the article that definitely helps you to speed up.

How to speed up Old Laptop Easy Tips and Tricks To Know
How to speed up Old Laptop Easy Tips and Tricks To Know

5 Tips How To Speed Up Laptop And PC

Why Old Laptops become slow?

The laptop whenever you buy it will be new and it is fast. But after some time when you are using it then it became slow. There are different reasons behind this cause. If you find the right cause and problem, then you will know how to speed up old laptop easily.

First of all, let’s elaborate on the cause of the slowing of your laptop which is pointed as below. They will help you to speed up laptop.

Major Causes of slowing of old laptop

There are lots of causes which lead to the slowing of the old laptop. Here are some of the common causes of the slowing of an old laptop.

  • Due to the aging of the laptop
  • Due to low Memory
  • Due to old CPU
  • Due to a lot of programs and software
  • Hardware becomes outdated
  • Due to old software.
  • Less Hardisk Space
  • Infected with Virus, malware, and adware
  • Due to unwanted files and program

Best Ways to Speed up Slow Laptop

If you have got an old laptop and it became slow then you can make it faster with some techniques. There are several ways and methods to increase the speed of old laptops. you can speed up the slow laptop and make it faster by upgrading the software as well as hardware.

Moreover, there is some software that clears junk files and viruses which are responsible for the slowing of your laptop. Let’s discuss it. To speed up slow laptops, these are the major point or ways to speed up laptops which are listed and discussed below.

  • Upgrade RAM
  • Switch on to SSD
  • Close System Tray
  • Delete unwanted software’s
  • Delete unnecessary files
  • Defragment your HDD
  • Disable graphics and animations
  • Check viruses, Malware and Adware

how to speed up your old laptop?

Let’s discuss one by one this issue for easy setup to speed up your laptop. These are the easy tips and tricks to make faster of your old laptop.

Upgrade RAM

Upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the best ways to make speed up old laptop. When there is less memory then it will take a lot of time to start the different computer operations.

To upgrade memory, check how much hardware configuration of your old laptop has follow these steps

  • Click on the computer icon.
  • One window appears on the right side and
  • Go to properties that are at the bottom of the window.
  • Click on property and
  • You can check the configuration of your laptop.

If the RAM of your laptop is 2 GB or less than 2 GB, then you can upgrade RAM to get more performance for multitasking.

But you should make sure that there is enough slot to increase the memory. Also sometimes the slot may not support the advanced and upgraded memory.

Switch on to SSD

One of the best ways to rejuvenate your laptop is to switch on SSD from HDD. To get peak performance after installing SSD, AHCI mode in BIOS/EFI must be engaged and correct AHCI drivers must be installed.

In addition, you have to upgrade the SSD’s firmware to the latest version and verify that you have the correct driver installed.

Close System Tray

When you are starting your laptop, if it takes time to load then it could be due to too many programs starting up simultaneously as windows itself in the system tray. So you can close these programs which help to speed up old laptop. To close the system tray follow these steps

  • Click the upward arrow at the right side of the taskbar
  • Right-click on the program and
  • Close it.
  • By doing this it will not load the program which makes a faster run of your old laptop.

Stop programs running on startup

The next cause of the slowing of your old laptop is due to lots of programs loaded during the startup. There certain important programs that should be running on startup but there might of lots of startup programs running over.

so, you can stop these programs which makes speed up old laptop. To do so, do follow these steps

  • Right-click the taskbar
  • Select Task Manager.
  • Go to the startup tab and you’ll be able to view the lists that run on startup, along with its impact.
  • Thoroughly check the list and disable some of the high-impact ones.
  • Remember that you are not disabling the program, just stop it from startup.
  • Also, find the program that eats up processes. Right-click on the program and disable it.

Delete unwanted software

Unwanted software on your old laptop can cause a slowing of it. It covers lots of space over the laptop. Especially gaming programs or games software and other large software like Photoshop, coral draw, AutoCAD’s can cause more slowing of the laptop.

So, if you are not using regular this program then you can have deleted unwanted software from your old laptop. Definitely, these will help to boost the speed of your laptop.

How to deleted unwanted software

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Find Programs and Features.
  • Click on it and
  • follow the list of installed software.
  • Sometimes software is installed unknowingly with OS and other software.
  • Remove unwanted software just right-click on the software and select remove.

Delete unnecessary files

When your laptop use is for a long time, there will be lots of temporary files. Moreover, if you are installing the programs and uninstalling them, there are lots of these unnecessary files as well. These files make your laptop cluttered by occupying the hard disk space. These will cause the slowing of your laptop.

So, Free up space is one way to speed up your laptop. By making a habit of deleting unnecessary files and folders every week and emptying the recycle bin afterward can be done so as to solve this problem.

It could be difficult to find million of unwanted files in your laptop. It will be wise to use the programs or software that delete unnecessary files.  You can install free software like Cleaner that deletes unnecessary temp files in few easy steps.

Defragment your HDD

When you are using the laptop for a long time. There will be lots of fragmentation of your hard drive. When there is a lot of fragmentation then your laptop becomes slow. So, defragment of your hard disk drive is a way out to solve the slowing of your old laptop.

Steps to defragment your HDD.

  • Go to My Computer
  • Right-click on the C: drive.
  • Go to Properties>Tools
  • Under Optimize and defragment the drive, click Optimize.

Note that if you install SSD then no need to defragment an SSD.

Disable graphics and animations

Lots of graphics and animation of different system programs can also cause the slowing of your laptop. So, you can disable these graphics or animations in order to speed up old laptop. You can do this easily in few steps as below

Disable graphics and animations
Disable graphics and animations

Steps to disable graphics and animations

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to System & Security>System>Advanced System Settings
  • In the performance section, hit on settings and
  • select “Adjust for Best Performance”.

You can set apply or remove different components for the graphics and animations options.

Check Virus, Malware, and Adware

Malware and adware and the virus can cause the slowing of the laptop. Some types of malware and adware can cause your laptop to run slow.

Check Virus, Malware, and Adware
Check Virus, Malware, and Adware

In the same way, if your laptop is infected with malicious software or viruses then your laptop becomes slow.

So, it is recommended to keep your old laptop from them. So to do so you need to install antivirus software on your laptop and regularly update its definition files.



  • when your laptop gets old, it can be slow due to different reasons and cause. You can speed up old laptop with certain tips and tricks. Upgrading  RAM or memory deleted unwanted software and unnecessary files and eliminating viruses, malware, and adware help to keep your laptop fast and smooth.
  • Some times hardware upgrade is needed to make faster of your old laptop too






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