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2021 Men’s Office Wear Trends

Men’s Office Wear Trends for 2021 is a must for a smart and good look either you work for a bank or you work for the office.

It’s not only the women that want to stay trendy in 2021. This is for all the men that do not just want to show up to work, they want to make a lasting impression. Do you want to turn heads on your way over to the office? Leave everyone stumped at how perfectly coordinated or fashionably uncoordinated your office outfit looks?

Mens Office Wear Trends
Mens Office Wear Trends

You spend at least 8 hours in an office environment; why not look good to feel good while hustling away during those long hours. Who knows? Maybe a fashion-forward client may strike a deal with you because of your stylish dress sense. Here are a few office-wear fashion trends for all you men out there:

1.      Shirts

This is the lifeline of your workwear outfit. Make sure to go for a shirt with a fitted collar that hugs the neckline naturally. Slim fit is all the rage for shirts this time around. Different industries can also have varying trends.

For example, if you are employed in a traditional office space, long sleeves, plain or stripes in blue or white hues is what is in. However, if you are in a creative, tech industry or a start-up more business casual fabrics will take you a long way. Cannot forget to mention that long sleeves rolled up and bold patterns will keep you rightfully on trend this year.

2.      Casual and Formal Pants

When I say casual, I mean business casual. Chinos are a perfect example of casual office wear for men. Opt for more nude or neutral tones. You could even elevate the look with some light patterns such as checkers or stripes on the pants; pair it with a white shirt and classy shoes to stay on-trend.

Jeans are also permissible and on-trend this year for casual business attire. In addition, dress pants are formal pants. Dark shades are a must informal pants, from the stony greys to pitch blacks.

3.      Blazers & Jackets

If you want to add class to your business outfit, adding the right jacket or blazer will take you there. The go-to in 2021 is the elegant navy single-breasted blazer that simply must take up closet space!

You can also go with a corduroy jacket or sports blazers that are available in darker shades and contain patterns that are a bit more subtle. If you happen to be in a cold environment, layer up and make sure the layers have at least a slight contrast to the jacket or blazer.

4.      Shoes

Shoes are required to complete your overall look. Staying on-trend here can also depend on the spectrum of casual to formal in your office. If your office space is more on the business casual side, you could wear sneakers to give you both a business and casually stylish look. I mean who does not love simple jeans and sneakers look at the office?

Dress boots are an option for the more formal side of the business. This can include lace shoes and classic Oxford shoes. Brogues on the other hand, are a versatile pair of shoes that are suitable for both casual and formal office wear.

Moreover, you may find this shocking, but men’s business socks have to match the pants, not the shoes. Socks are a key part of fashion etiquette for those in business; they should cover up the claves and be free of unwanted patterns.

Let’s keep the men in business on-trend this 2021! as Men’s Office Wear Trends



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