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5 Methods : How To Secure Your WIFI in Easy Ways

How To Secure Your WIFI  you should know. Securing your WIFI in-home or office is essential for securing yourself from wireless security. If your wifi password is leaked, your internet service might be weak or slow. Not only this there can be a high risk for the privacy of the data.

Hackers all around the world can access your data in-home or in the office where you work. Not only data home wireless security cameras can also be captured too. So in this post, we will learn about how to secure that kind of network (WIFI) so that it’ll be likely to impossible to break security.

how to secure your wifi router can be of different Methods. you can do it easily by yourself. There are some home network security tests if you have knowledge of network security technologists. Now let’s discuss these methods.

Secure Your WIFI
Secure Your WIFI

How To Secure Your WIFI in Easy Ways with Steps

how to set up a secure network can be challenging sometimes but securing your wifi network at home is not so much difficult. you can do it in ways. The different methods to secure your wifi are as follows: The Emotional Computer Brisbane

Method 1: Connect to your router via your browser

The first method to secure your wifi is to connect your router by using the browser by simply using the Gateway IP Address. You need to find out the IP address of your gateway. To get it,  follow the following steps it.

  • Goto command prompt (Window Key + R  & type cmd )
  • Type ipconfig /all and hit ‘Enter’
  • Locate the line labeled ‘Gateway’ and make note of the number that follows. It will look similar to look like this way:
  • Open Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser)
  • Enter the Gateway IP Address into the address bar and click ‘Enter

Way 2:  Enable encryption on your access point.

The next method to secure your wifi is using the encryption method on the access point of the internet. You can encrypt by Using 128-bit encryption or higher which makes your Wireless Network more secure.

WEP has been proven insecure and can be cracked in a few minutes using the free utilities that we’ve discussed before. Using at least WPA is recommended because it is much more secure than WEP.

The only best choice now is WPA2. WPA2 has two security standards: Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).  Of the two security standards, AES is by far the tougher for a would-be attacker to break. So use the best way of encryption method to secure your WIFI strongly.

Way  3:  Set the Password in Router 

Another best method for secured Wi-Fi is setting up the router password. Anybody who gains access to the router configuration settings can easily disable the security you have set up.

If you forget the password, it doesn’t matter because most routers have a hardware reset that will restore all of the settings to factory defaults. The best option is to use a random sequence of the maximum length of characters.

While setting it up you can copy and paste the password onto the router to your hard disk. So you never lose it. Try to make a harder password. Use wildcard characters (!@#$%, etc) with mixed alphanumeric characters (1dgdh2jj345KarUI56oOpQ, etc) WPA & WPA2 supports passwords up to 63 characters.

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Method 4:  Enable MAC Address filtering on your Access Point or router.

To get secure your wifi is to Enable the MAC address Filtering method. MAC Address filtering will register the hardware MAC Address of your networked devices, and only allow devices with known MAC Addresses to connect to your network. To create a MAC filtering enter the MAC address of your devices (like Laptops, desktops, or Mobiles) to the router.

For windows: goto command prompt & type ipconfig / all & goto label Physical Address (like:  00:11:22:33:44:55)


Method 5:  Disable SSID broadcast:

The next method of secure Wi-Fi is to hide your SSID (name of your wireless network) from the Router Setting. By doing this people will not be able to see the WIFI Network on their mobile or computer. Don’t make the hacker ease to attack your Network.

In conclusion, you might have learned about securing wireless networks at your workplace or home. Give your suggestions in a comment. Thanks for going through it.


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